Bold Partnerships

"I had a superb education at AUB during a formative time of my life…My aim is to make it possible for future generations of students to have the same opportunity as I did."

Shake Ketefian (RHSN 1963)

"AUB has been a part of my family fabric for as long as I can remember.  When I succeeded in becoming one of its students, I felt that I had accomplished something very significant and that the education I acquired would be a determining factor in my future."

Laila Faris Baroody (FAS 1954)

"I cannot forget the moment when I received undergraduate acceptance letter from AUB:) AUBite and proud!"

Lama Zahreddine (FM, 2011)

"Where I Belong!! AUB a Life Changing Stage Shaping up your personality, Preparing for a Journey of Success While immortalizing memories & Friends in classes, libraries, dorms..!! Forever Proud AUBite & the Campus still feels like Home"

Mariam Serhan (OSB 2011)

"October 1960 i was thrilled by the beautiful campus an the extraordinary open mindness of the faculty members good old days !!!"

Dolly Talhame (FAS 1963)

"Still I remember my first Step inside AUB. I thought I'm stepping inside my dreams... The place i have been dreaming all my life ... But i never knew that it was AUB."

Saha Naseri (current student)

"The best days of my life! A journey to remember !"

Rana A Maalouf (OSB 1996)

"I am the 4th generation AUB graduate. 2008 - 2011 everytime I go to lebanon I have to walk past those gates, and i will be overwhelmed with beautiful memories and feelings i cannot explain. Love it"

Sirine T. Hmaidan (FAFS 2011)

"what a Wholesome, Romantic, Perfect, Self-Contained American University of Beirut (AUB) 1976 to 1981"

George Kassabian (FEA 1981)

"Having both my kids at AUB, enabled them to share my dreams, and this continuity has led to the realization of those dreams. Memories of AUB never fade. I am very fond of my university and my education."

Lina Naoura Alkotob (OSB 1979)

"I live in beautiful Claremont, California, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles. It reminds me of the beauty of Lebanon. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful education that AUB provided me."

Noura Kassis (RHSN 1965)

"Class of 1964, a tale of diversity, affiliation to our alma mater, friendship that lasted over half a century..."

Edward Wahbe (FEA 1964)

"This group convinces me that we, in Lebanon, have our own Indiana Jones [personalities] —several of them at that."

Patrick Hitchon (FM 1974)

"AUB gave me peace in the midst of war, safety in the midst of chaos, life in the midst of death, hope in the midst of despair, and love in the midst of hatred…"

Linda Adra (FAS 1991)

"If I were to attribute my success to one single element, I would choose AUB."

Mark Hamdan (FEA 1980)

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