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Scholarship Fund-Raising Committee

Photo taken by Mr. Nishan Simonian in October 2005

The Scholarship Fund-Raising Committee, originally the College Hall Fund-Raising Committee, was formed in November 1994 with the purpose of contacting alumni in Lebanon to raise money urgently needed for the reconstruction of College Hall. The College Hall Fund-Raising Committee contributed substantially to the College Hall campaign, and its support to the University was critical in the effort to build and re-dedicate the landmark building, July 1999.

This group of prominent and active alumni and friends are now dedicated to the task of raising money for scholarships for qualified and needy students. The name "Scholarship Fund-Raising Committee" reflects this new and important role.

Committee members give of their time, effort, and material resources and solicit the support of various individuals and companies in Lebanon to support the Scholarship Program, one of AUB's highest priorities.


Mrs. Asma Zein Abboud
Mr. Hanna Ayoub
Mr. George Azar
Dr. Imad Baalbaki
Mr. Mohammad Baalbaki
Mrs. Randa Bdeir
Mrs. Kulthum Salaam Al-Husseini
Mrs. Mona Jeha Kanaan (Vice-Chair) 
Mrs. Layla Alamuddin Karami

Mrs. Leila Khalaf
Mr. Youssef A. Lahoud
H.E. Mr. Michel Maalouly
Mrs. Jihad Al-Shawwaf Razian
Mr. Youssef A. Rishani
Mr. Mohammad Shatila (Chair)Mrs. Salma Tabbarah
Mr. Nazih Zeidan

In the news:
Scholarship Fundraising Committee Raises $125,000 for Financial Aid
January 2005 - Press Conference

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