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Event Details
Presidential Symposium on The Humanities at AUB

Date: January-17-2017 09:00 AM till January-17-2017 12:00 PM
Location: West Hall, Bathish Auditorium
Contact Person: Karma Arakji Al Jaroudi ,
Category: Symposium

Presidential Symposium to mark the launch of Boldly AUB: The Campaign to Lead, Innovate, and Serve.

The Humanities at AUB:
Building Better Futures from the Inside Out

AUB deans, faculty, students, and alumni explore the importance and relevance of the Humanities in the classroom, in the workplace, in our communities, and in society at large.

Panel 1: Inside the Humanities: Leadership and Innovation

Master of Ceremony
Steve Harvey, Dean, Olayan School of Business

Doyle Avant, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Lina Daouk, Assistant Professor, Olayan School of Business

Bana Bashour, Chair, Department of Philosophy
Rola Hoteit, Graduate Student in Philosophy
Elza Rachid, Third-year Medical Student
Mahmoud Younes, MA Philosophy (2016)
Sonja Mejcher Atassi, Chair, Department of English
Maximilien Monteil, Freshman Student
Deema Nasser, MA English Literature (2016)
Mario Hawat BA English Literature (2016)
Thomas Kim, Chair, Department of Fine Arts and Art History
Rana Nasser Eddine, BA Art History (2009)

--Coffee Break--

Panel 2: Beyond the Academy: Learning for Life, Engaging in Life

Master of Ceremony
Kamal Badr, Associate Dean for Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine

Alan Shihadeh, Interim Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
Joshua Norton, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy

Jehan Bseiso, MA English Literature (2008)
Mohamad Chamaa, Undergraduate Student in History
Sami Haddad, MA Economics (1977)
Erin Zimmerman, Director of the Writing Center
Herman Genz, Chair, Department of History and Archaeology
Hani Hassan, Director of the AUB MEPI-TL Scholarship Program, Instructor in CVSP
Makram Rabah, MA History (2007)
Joumana Talhouk, Undergraduate Student in Sociology and Anthropology
Bilal Orfali, Chair, Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages
Roua Seghaier, Graduate Student in Political Studies
Yasmin Shafei, PhD Student in History

Symposium Chair: Nadia El Cheikh, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Stage Director: Sahar Assaf, Theater Director and Assistant Professor, Department of Fine Arts and Art History
Video Producer: Tamara Maatouk, Graduate Student, Department of History and Archaeology


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