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Call for volunteers: Road to Relief

Date: August-05-2013 12:00 AM till September-01-2013 12:00 AM
Location: Diverse locations
Contact Person:
Category: Announcement
Are you passionate about the arts and social change? And would you love to put your skills, talents, and ideas into action to benefit society as a whole?
Then this is the perfect opportunity for you! Naked Wagon Lebanon, or 7awwa will be hosting an ongoing campaign and creative program this summer to raise awareness regarding the living conditions of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.
Everyone has got something to offer, everyone has a part to play. We welcome volunteers, musicians, artists, filmmakers, performers, writers, photographers, poets, event organizers, designers!

Location: Diverse locations as listed below.
Start Date: 30/07/2013
End Date: 01/09/2013
To apply send an email to indicating your mobile, email and major.
For more info contact the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service (CCECS) ext. 4430 email
Naked wagon, 7awwa is a project set out to design a mobile platform that brings artists together to create and showcase their work in the public sphere, thus engaging and immersing art in the everyday. Travelling the country in her different guises, 7awwa is a simple yet versatile tool for empowering collaboration and creativity within communities, and for forming relationships based on the compassion for culture and unity.
The Naked Wagon was built over five days as a collaboration of different skills and passions.  The wagon is made of recycled material which is pulled by two bikes that were donated by Beirut by Bike.
Naked Wagon is also working with SAWA FOR SYRIA, AUB CCECS/CES, El-YAFTA, and PAINT UP BEIRUT to initiate humanitarian projects, psychosocial support, and shelters for hundreds of displaced families.
The volunteering activities involve the following tasks:
1. Public sphere:
7awwa will stage engaging activities around Beirut (such as performances, craft workshops, painting station, etc) where people are invited to work with us on making diverse objects/ornaments/artworks etc.  to sell as gestures to raise funds.
2. Different Venues:
 Music/comedy nights/ and spoken word events will be organized at different venues in Beirut.
1. Bekaa - Al-Marj Refugee Camp
 In collaboration with SAWA FOR SYRIA, we will spend the second day of Eid (August 10/11, 2013) at the camp and offer educational activities for 80-100 children.
2. TYR - 3a2biyeh Refugee Camp
 As part of the AUB CES Annual Camp, 7awwa and the Naked Wagon team will spend 9 days (August 21-29) in the camp working with over a hundred of kids on a series of workshops where we will encourage them to formulate their own narratives to act out in a series of performances. The workshops will also include craft-making where we intend to work on costume, props stage designs, recycled instruments, and mural painting, which we will incorporate in the performances. This will be a springboard project from which we can work with other camps and schools around Lebanon in the future, so that the kids can start exchanging stories and experiences.
***Funds are going primarily to building shelters for the camps, and all the rest goes to support costs of the children's workshops.
 ***All events and activities are open to everyone to pitch in their ideas and participate at any level any time.

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