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Tobacco Control (TC) 

Project title
Supporting tobacco control research and dissemination

Research team
Project Leader: Professor Rima Nakkash,
Research Assistants: Taghreed El Hajj; Joanna Khalil
Advisor: Dr. Norbert Hirschhorn

Collaborating Team
Rami Khoury, Director, Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs
Ghazi Zaatari, Chairman of the WHO BREG Committee, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Department
Alan Shehadeh, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
Najat Saliba, Associate Professor, Chemistry Department
Rima Afifi, Associate Professor, Health Behavior and Education Department Monique Chaaya, Associate Professor, Abla Sibai, Professor and Ziyad Mahfoud, Assistant Professor at the Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department

Research question
To maintain the generation of tobacco control research and the translation of its findings into policy.
To contribute to building knowledge and public support for tobacco control policy in Lebanon at the local level.
To develop common agenda’s and research priorities across researchers in the region at the regional level.

Research Timeline
October 2009-2011

This project focuses on dissemination and translation of research to policy as well as building a regional network of researchers involved in tobacco control and more specifically waterpipe tobacco use.  At the local level, the grant will serve to translate research findings and disseminate them to influence public policy. Dissemination of findings will catalyze the tobacco control policy debate and contribute towards potentially moving it to the forefront of the national agenda. At the regional level, AUBTCRG has a very good working relationship with researchers in the region who are involved in conducting tobacco control research, particularly regarding the waterpipe. Supporting the initiation and coordination of such a network will enrich the research process and ensure that production of research evidence builds on previous findings. The interdisciplinary nature of the network members will enrich discussions and promote joint future research projects.

 Project Summary

 English Pamphlet
 Arabic Pamphlet

 English Newsletter Issue 1, December 2010
 Arabic Newsletter Issue 1, December 2010

Funding source

Rima Nakkash
AUB-Tobacco Control Working Group

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