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General Education Program 

AUB’s focus on the liberal arts has been one of the University’s defining characteristics since its inception in 1866. An AUB education combines proficiency in a specific discipline with a balanced and cohesive General Education (GE) program that exposes all undergraduates, regardless of major, to a broad range of subjects and methodologies. We have prepared generations of well-rounded individuals for lives that are thoughtful, meaningful, and purposeful, and we are just as committed to the students entering our gates today.  

The GE program has undergone considerable revision over the past decade. Prior to 2000, the University focused on developing communication skills in English and Arabic and on a ‘Great Books’ approach to the history of ideas. Today’s students can choose from a broader range of courses that develop important skills and competencies related to different ways of thinking about the world and their place in it.

Implementation of AUB’s new enriched GE program took effect for students enrolled in Fall 2010. The GE program was overseen by the Senate’s GE Committee but starting Fall 2013 the General Education Program is administered by the General Education Board. For more information on the GE Board and the GE program click here.


“Undergraduate education lies at the heart of AUB’s mission. Our greatest impact on values and cognitive processes occurs at this stage of the learning process, when we can truly educate students and influence their development as individuals as well as budding professionals…. Our [liberal education] approach cultivates critical thinking in students by encouraging them to test the limits of ideas, theories, and systems while exploring a broad range of human achievement. It teaches students the value of knowledge for its own sake, so that they become life-long learners, and develops qualities of integrity, tolerance, and social responsibility, so that they can lead their communities during times of transformative change.”

From AUB’s 2009 Strategic Plan Overview, Prologue to Goal One

Faculty members interested in pursing GE designation for their courses should contact Dr. Ali El Hajj

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