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Continuing Education Center (CEC)
General Criteria for Admission to one of the Certificate or Diploma Programs
  • For students applying to one of the certificate or diploma programs, a minimum score of 400 in EEE (TOEFL: CBT 163 or IBT 57) is required for admission. Applicants who are graduates of an English speaking university are exempted from the English language test. An applicant might also be required to report for an interview with the program coordinator.
  • A student with an EEE score of 350-399 (TOEFL: CBT 155 or IBT 50) might be allowed to take a maximum of two courses in one of the certificate programs provided that he/she sits for the EEE/TOEFL at the end of the first and/or second course and meets the minimum requirements. If the student does not meet the minimum required English score for entry into that program by the end of the second course, he/she will be disqualified for the certificate and will not be allowed to register for another course in that certificate. The student will have to take more English courses before being allowed to re-register to complete the courses in that certificate program and become eligible for a certificate upon completion of course requirements.
  • Students applying for enrollment in English language courses are required to sit for a placement test given at CEC to all new applicants before the semester begins.
  • Enrollment in special courses is generally open to all learners from diverse educational backgrounds.
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