Student Housing
  • What is the University's policy on student housing?
    Only registered students are eligible to be accommodated in dorms.
    While all registered AUB students are entitled to apply for accommodation in AUB students' residences, priority is for undergraduate students starting with freshmen among the new applicants. Among other undergraduate students, priority is given to students coming from abroad, considered international students, and those from beyond the greater Beirut area in Lebanon. Graduate students may be considered subject to availability. Furthermore, graduate and medicine students are entitled to stay in the Residence Halls for two academic years only throughout their graduate or medicine studies.

  • How can students obtain AUB Student Housing?
    New students should receive a dorm application with their acceptance package or check the Student Housing webpage. This form should be filled out and submitted at the Student Housing department in West Hall before the assigned deadline. A deposit fee amounting to LL300,000 should be paid at the AUB Cashier’s in cash or by virtue of a certified check to the order of the American University of Beirut prior to submitting the application. This deposit will be refunded to the student upon graduation or leaving AUB. Those living abroad may send us their applications along with the deposit check by mail.
    Dorm applications must be filled out and submitted at the Student Housing Department for every semester.

  • How are rooms allocated?
    The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for the allocation of rooms, which is guided by the following criteria:
    - Seniors, who in their previous years at AUB did not reside in their preferred dorm.
    - Those wishing to remain in the dorm they were allocated the previous semester.
    - Freshman
    - All others, including medical and graduate students

    As far as possible efforts will be made to ensure that your preferences are guaranteed.

  • If roommates have differences can room assignments be changed?
    The Office of Student Housing works on assigning your room and your roommate as per the preferences indicated on your application. It is sometimes not possible to accommodate your preferences due to logistical reasons and other students' preferences. Living in the residence halls provides students with many opportunities to learn how to live effectively in community with others. Residence life is based on learning to compromise individual preferences and mediate differences with roommates and as such offers a neat self development experience. Toward that end, students having difficulties with their roommate(s) should first discuss these problems with their Head Resident and be prepared to mediate a solution. If, after mediation, it appears that roommate differences are irreconcilable, then the Head Resident will try to find a different roommate, and inform the Student Housing Coordinator for approval. Room changes are subject to availability and may not be immediately forthcoming. Students who are flexible about where they are willing to live can be more easily accommodated than those with a limited or narrow range of preferences.

  • Who staffs the residence halls?
    The Coordinator of Student Housing oversees a team of employees and students dedicated to providing a high quality of campus living. AUB dorms are in 24-hour operation and each dorm is allocated a set of people to carry out duties ranging from ensuring security to providing a clean living environment and to creating a community atmosphere. 

  • What is the difference between the rooms (double, semi-private, private)?
    The rooms in the dorms on campus are divided into Double (accommodate two persons and share the floor bathroom); Semi-private (two-double occupancy rooms with their own bathroom); Semi-private rooms are only available for women.
    The rooms in the AUB Dorm on Sidani Street are divided into double, private and suite (accommodate two persons in one bedroom and one living room). All rooms in the AUB Dorm on Sidani Street have their own bathroom.

  • Are residents allowed to have electrical equipments in their rooms?
    Residents are allowed to bring basic electrical equipment into their rooms which may include a fridge, microwave, hairdryer, and a kettle. Electric plates and small gas stoves are strictly prohibited. Residents are strongly urged to unplug all electrical appliances (except the fridge) once their task is finished. For further information, please check the shopping list.

  • How is security managed in the residence halls?
    Entry to the University grounds is controlled via the AUB ID (including the AUB Dorm on Sidani Street). For this purpose, all residents are advised to carry their AUB ID at all times. Resident Assistants are "on duty" in the halls daily. Head Residents are "available" at night.
    The AUB Protection Office is available 24/24 and security officers are scheduled to perform routine foot patrols around halls each night.
    To avoid theft of their personal items, students should never leave the door of their residence hall room open and/or unlocked, even if only stepping out of their room for a brief period.

  • Are residents allowed to bring guests to stay overnight?
    As a policy, all guests must leave the dorm premises by 12:00 midnight. Residents wishing to receive an overnight guest must secure the approval of the Office of Student Housing ahead of time. Please check our Guest Policy

  •  Is insurance required to cover the personal belongings that students have in their rooms?
    Residents and their parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to review the Student Housing handbook, which absolves AUB from responsibility for any damages that might occur to a student's belongings in the residence halls.

  • Are there storage facilities on-campus for student belongings?
    There are no storage facilities for students during the academic year, and students should not bring items to dorms that cannot be comfortably stored in their room. During the summer, students can leave items on-campus until they return in September. For reasons of security, the storage areas cannot be opened after they have been locked for the summer, so students should not place anything in them that they cannot live without until the start of the new school year. For more information, please refer to our storage policy.

  • What meal plan options are available?
    There are no meal plans available in the halls. However; there is one main cafeteria in the upper part of campus (Ada Dodge Hall). There are also a variety of shops and restaurants on the bustling Bliss Street right next to the university.

  • What are the curfew hours?
    All students living in AUB residences are required to be physically present on campus between the following hours:
    Sunday-Thursday: Midnight to 7:00 am
    Friday: 1:00 am to 7:00 am
    Saturday: 2:30 am to 7:00 am

    Residents wishing to be exempted from the curfew are required to submit a curfew waiver form. This form must be signed by the parent or legal guardian, in person, at the Office of Student Affairs in West Hall. In the event the parent or guardian is residing outside Lebanon, then he/she should send this form by mail or fax.
    Graduate and medicine students are exempted from the curfew policy.

  • When will my deposit fee be refunded?
    Your deposit fee will be refunded upon financial clearance from University (graduation or drop-out). For us to release the deposit, we need an official proof of you leaving AUB e.g. you can forward to us the clearance e-mail sent to you by the registrar etc.
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