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150 for 150 Scholarship Initiative

“150 for 150 Scholarship Initiative” update!

The "150 for 150 Scholarship Initiative" has raised so far more than $17.1 million for student endowed scholarships since its establishment in March 2015. This totals up to 171 ​single endowed scholarship of $100,000. We wouldn't have reached thus far without the support of you: our alumni, donors and friends, and through you we will surely reach our goal of establishing the 150 endowed student scholarships.

What is the “150 for 150 Scholarship Initiative”?

The 150 for 150 Scholarship Initiative is an ambitious effort to increase the number of student scholarships funded through philanthropy. In 2016, AUB will commemorate the 150th Anniversary of its founding in 1866, providing a unique opportunity to reflect on our distinguished history, and articulate our ambitions for the future. As we look ahead to the next 150 years, AUB aspires to meet the need of every student, to remove barriers to enrollment, and to ensure that an AUB education is accessible to all admitted students, regardless of family income.

Recognizing the urgent need to substantially increase the amount of financial aid available to students, Former President Peter Dorman launched the 150 for 150 Scholarship Initiative in March 2015, continuing AUB’s strong drive to provide affordable education to the deserving students who contribute to the diversity of our student body.

Our objectives:

  • Establish 150 endowed scholarships – full or partial tuition - to assist students who might not otherwise be able to benefit from an AUB education.
  • Increase the amount of financial assistance awarded to students through need-based grants and need-based scholarships.
  • Maintain our competitive profile by offering attractive financial aid packages to students who might be considering other institutions. 

Why is the 150 for 150 Scholarship Initiative a priority?

In a competitive higher education market, scholarships ensure that AUB continues to attract the finest students. In this turbulent economy, tuition and living expenses are escalating and families are facing greater challenges financing the costs of higher education. We believe that every student who is accepted to AUB should be admitted, regardless of their economic circumstances and without the burden of long term debt. Financial aid can make a crucial difference for a student and their family in their ability to accept a place at AUB.

What does an endowed scholarship cost?

A minimum gift of $100,000 will establish a permanently endowed scholarship fund that will cover the partial cost of tuition. The full amount of the gift is invested. Income from the endowed fund is then distributed on an annual basis to support scholarships according to the terms of the endowed scholarship fund.

Can I still support scholarships at AUB if I cannot afford $100,000?

Donations in amounts less than $100,000 will be placed in a special fund, the 150 for 150 Endowed Scholarship Fund, which will continue to grow until it reaches the minimum required to become an endowed scholarship. So no gift is too small, and every dollar donated will make an impact on financial aid.

How do I make a gift?

You can make a donation on-line or contact our development staff in our Beirut or New York offices.

Beirut at +961 1 366 445

New York at +1 212 583 7671


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