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Established in 2002, Fingerprints is a fundraising program for students by students. Under the close direction and supervision of the Office of Development and the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, the initiative encourages graduating students to become involved alumni who support their alma mater. By donating $25 or more to the Fingerprints Endowed Scholarship Fund, the members of graduating classes help to ensure that other qualified students will also be able to enjoy their unique educational experience. The fund has been supported by individual trustees including the late Kamal Shair, Ali Ghandour, Farouk Jabre, and Omar Alfardan. The University Student Faculty Committee (USFC) has also provided important support for Fingerprints in prior years.


Almost half of the members of the Class of 2016 made gifts to the Fingerprints Endowed Scholarship Fund before they graduated contributing more than $24,000.  These over 770 students join the ranks of around 13,500 graduating AUB students who have made gifts of at least $25 to support Fingerprints since the fund was established in 2002.  Proceeds from this endowed scholarship fund that is now valued at $1.8 million have provided invaluable financial assistance to 214 AUB students.


From its inception in 2002 until 2012, AUB Trustees provided generous support for Fingerprints with critical two-for-one matches for every dollar donated by graduating students. In addition to a pledge of $10,000 to support Fingerprints in 2013, AUB Trustee Randa Haffar and husband Nassim announced in 2014 their plan to establish an endowed scholarship to be used for the Fingerprints match ($20,000 a year) for the following five years. In 2016, Trustee Haffar is renewing her support by matching every gift 2:1, up to $20,000. In addition, this year the Cleveland Dodge Foundation will match 25% of every dollar given to financial aid at AUB. This means that every dollar donated potentially becomes $3.25. The University Student Faculty Committee (USFC) provided important support for the Fingerprints Endowed Scholarship Fund in its first ten years.


At this year’s ceremony, President Fadlo R. Khuri expressed his pride in the students who participated in the program. “This fund is for you, by you. You have created a legacy from your generosity that will help students forever and that will touch people who will then add to that legacy, with the next generation to generation after that,” he said. “You are the future of the university… You are the next generation of leaders. Everything that we do is because you inspire us to do it.” Khuri spoke about the value of donating through difficult times. Donating for things that matter when making a donation isn’t easy, he said, are the most impactful contributions.


Two student speakers followed on stage. Second year graphic design student Nour Alhouda Shaaban spoke about what she called a “great experience” at AUB and the opportunities she was able to access thanks to the support she received from the Fund. “I consider myself very fortunate and honored to have received this fund,” she said. “What adds a special taste of pleasure is the fact that it comes from students who were once in my position. This motivates me more to keep on giving my best in order to become the successful person I aspire to be and hopefully make a difference in the lives of others.”

Fouad Aboul Hosn, from a small town in Mount Lebanon, recently completed his junior year studying business at AUB. He spoke to the audience about the financial aid he received from the Fund to start an “incredible” journey at AUB that has cemented his decision to join AUB as the best he has taken. “Having this sort of backing, I was able to devote my time for my academics, rather than worry about having to work to help my parents secure the funds needed for my tuition,” he said. “This scholarship facilitates a better learning experience, one where I personally was able to register for as many courses as I can and wanted, instead of taking the minimum amount each semester.”

Financial aid at AUB provides funds and scholarships for economically underserved and other deserving students. Over the past decade, AUB’s comprehensive financial aid program has grown almost ten times. Over the last five years, AUB has doubled its financial aid awards. In 2014-2015, AUB awarded $27.7 million in scholarships and awards. More than 76 percent of financial aid applicants received financial assistance [AUB Facts and Figures, 2016].

You can contribute to Fingerprints in person during normal office hours at the Office of Development, College Hall, 3rd Floor. You can also send a check payable to the American University of Beirut with your name to:


Office of Development

Fingerprints Program

American University of Beirut

P.O. Box 11-0236

Riad El Solh 1107 2020

Beirut, Lebanon


For more information about Fingerprints, please call Nadia Hassan in the Beirut Development Office at +961-1-340-176 x 2638 or email



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