Office of Development

The AUB scholarship program ensures that more students who meet the University's academic standards will have the opportunity to receive an AUB education, without regard to their socio-economic background.

AUB has always been committed to educating students from different nationalities, religions, races, and political persuasions. We are working hard to make sure that economic background is not a factor in the admission process. The University's liberal arts curricular and educational philosophy rests on the principles of intellectual freedom, scientific reasoning and exposure to a wide range of ideas. AUB encourages concentration in a field of study and seeks to cultivate morally conscious citizens.

After long years of strife and disruptions, AUB has embarked on the process of reshaping itself for the 21st century. Strenghthening the scholarship program has been one of the University's highest priorities as exceptional students from all backgrounds in the region and the world apply. Due to the prevailing social and economic conditions, many qualified students are finding it difficult to provide for their education.

Alumni and friends who support the scholarship program help maintain the diversity of the student body and allow more qualified students to join AUB. All donors will be listed in the Contributor's Report.

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