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ReVa Reverse Vending Machines at AUB

As part of the cooperation agreement with AUB, Atria, an Averda company, successfully installed on 15 December 2015, 6 Reverse Vending Machines (ReVa) that will help improve the recycling program at AUB.  This is part of the Green Mediterranean Initiative (GMI), a project supported by the European Union. 

The 6 ReVa machines were installed at:

·         Ada Dodge Cafeteria,

·         Charles Hostler Student Center,

·         AUBMC cafeteria,

·         Penrose Hall,

·         Boustani Hall and

·         Olayan School of Business. 

ReVa is an innovative recycling solution for the recycling of plastic bottles and aluminum cans in exchange for rewards.  ReVa machines will help raise the level of education about how individuals can reduce and recycle waste.  The principle of the ReVa machine is based on the 3Rs principle: Recycle, Redeem, Reward. 


ReVa accepts empty juice bottles & cans, soft drink bottles & cans, water bottles,..

ReVa does not accept glass products, shampoo, shower gel, soap & conditioner plastic bottles, condiments containers or food cans.




After depositing your recyclable container in ReVa, press on the green button to collect your coupon to add your “green” points to your account.




Collected points can be redeemed against an array of gifts according to Spinneys redemption scheme.


Basic Instructions

1-      After you recycle a plastic bottle or aluminum can, ReVa will generate a new coupon with a serial number. 

2-      Create an online, one time account, on the website

3-      Log in to your account to register the serial numbers on the coupons and accumulate points. 

4-      Once accumulated points are sufficient to be redeemed, select the desired gift, click on “Redeem” button, print the confirmation email and submit it to Spinneys Customer Care in any Beirut or Mount Lebanon branch to reward yourself. 

NB: The time limit to log in your receipt number to the GMI website is 30 days.


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