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Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management, AUB
The American University of Beirut is committed to the provision and maintenance of a safe and healthy environment for its faculty, staff, patients, students, and the general  public. For this reason, the Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Department (EHSRM) was established with the authority to develop and implement a safety and risk management program for the University (Campus, Medical Center and AREC).
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A Guide on How to be a Green AUBite

The guide provides students, faculty and staff with some easy sustainability tips that can be implemented on and off campus. It includes eco-friendly tips related to food, transportation, waste, water, energy, purchasing and other sustainability practices. It provides insights to help you make small changes in your daily habits that have a big impact on the environment

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Recycling Corner

Since January 2014, the cumulative number of recycled bottles and cans using the (ReVa) reverse vending machines at AUB till end of May 2017 was:  

  1. Equivalent to 225,997 Energy Saving
  1. Reduced AUB Carbon Footprint by 23.541 tons of CO2

For more details about the (ReVa) reverse vending machines at AUB, click here.

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