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Advancing Research Enabling Communities Center| AREC
AREC is a multifunctional and interdisciplinary center devoted to the improvement of rural livelihoods in the drylands. AREC is located in the heart of the fertile Beqa'a Plain, situated between Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon Range. From Beirut to AREC, the scenic drive takes less than 2 hours. The short and picturesque trip is a welcome respite for many people looking to escape the bustling city life, if only for a short while.
Advancing Research, Enabling Communities News and Events
AREC has a new name! It’s still in the Bekaa, as it has been since 1953, but the way AREC has opened to new opportunities for research and ways to connect to its rural, arid location invited renaming. Advancing Research and Enabling Communities better suits the new AREC. Increased collaboration with the private sector, including sharing equipment and expertise is helping local farmers increase crop yields, with added benefits to local dairy production. Numerous centers at AUB are taking advantage of AREC’s special location to study things like climate change, drought and water management.  AUB’s Nature Conservation Center is active with a native tree nursery, and producing their essential oils. ICARDA who has recently relocated its staff from their previous location in Aleppo is using AREC to produce and send specialized, drought resistant seeds to over seventy countries in Africa and the MENA. AREC seed bank has recently greatly expanded by ICARDA with the addition of a large number of cereal and legume seed stocks collected from the region. AREC is reaching out more than ever to support local needs including Syrian refugees, collaborating with AUB’s CCECS and AUBMC in addition to NGOs such as UNICEF.
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