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Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU)
Institute on Participatory Development (IPD)

The Institute on Participatory Development (IPD) is ESDU’s training arm and was made possible through the support of IFAD back in 2003 through its Near East Management Training in Agriculture (NEMTA) initiative as the National Training Unit for Lebanon. Through IFAD’s support, around 15 ESDU trainers were able to acquire the "Certificate of Proficiency in Advanced Facilitation and Training".

Following the completion of the first NEMTA cycle in 2004, IPD effectively kicked-off in 2005 when a travelling workshop on Urban Agriculture was organized over 3 weeks in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan and involved 30 participants from 7 MENA countries (Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen) with funding from IDRC. Also in 2005, a one week workshop for 70 Iraqi academicians and researchers was hosted by IPD in Beirut with funding from USAID and another 3 training courses of 10 days each were offered to Syrian agriculture extension workers was held in Syria with funding from IFAD

Since then, more than 20 regional and international training programs were organized by IPD but also in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Yemen in collaboration with a variety of donors such as FAO, IDRC, IFAD, RUAF and UNDP. IPD proved to be particularly resilient when it managed to successfully delocalize its operations to Egypt and Jordan during the political turmoil in Lebanon in 2006-2007, and despite the return to normal of the security conditions in Lebanon since then, 50% of all IPD activities are now held outside Lebanon in order to consolidate the regional outreach of the Institute and to bring offer closer to where demand exists. IPD has trained 400+ people from all MENA countries and with a cumulative budget exceeding USD 1.7M.

Click here to download the full IPD training profile.

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