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Natural Resource Management Platform
As a follow up to the workshop launching the Capacity Building Network for community development, a specialized platform for natural resource management has been initiated. The objective of the platform is to bring actors currently active in natural resource management Members together in joint research and development activities. Members of the platform include, in addition to ESDU, GTZ CoDeL project, Green Line, UNDP Regional Agro-biodiversity project, MECTAT and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The platform agreed to join efforts to work in Aarsal (a typical semi-arid village of the MENA region) as a pilot site to promote sustainable village-based development.

Recently, the platform facilitated the development of a jointly agreed local development agenda. All user groups in the community approved the agenda: the municipality, NGO s, cooperatives and sectorial representatives.

Donors and policy makers also agreed to coordinate their efforts through the natural resource management platform to deal with issues in the agenda and several interventions were being implemented. One intervention focused on assisting the local municipality in land use planning and land zoning for grazing and quarrying activities. Moreover the municipality was being supported to initiate negotiations with the various user groups (fruit growers, herders and quarry operators) to reach a jointly agreed management plan for the land and to work with the quarrying sector in particular on site rehabilitation and waste and water management.
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