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Capacity Building -  Mainstreaming Evaluation




In The Middle East And North Africa


The project covers the entire implementation period of the project “Mainstreaming Evaluation Theory and Practice in the MENA region” from January 2011 until November 2014. The major milestone in 2014 was the organization of the closing workshop of the project (technically the 3rd EvalMENA General Assembly) in Amman – Jordan in April 2014. At the time this final report is being prepared (April 2015), we are glad to report that the project is not only still “alive” but also continuing to grow and gain momentum, as it has been clearly observed during the 4th General Assembly of EvalMENA which was organized in Cairo in February 2015 and which mobilized alongside with IDRC and ESDU several other institutional partners such as The International Organization on Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) and EvalPartners Initiative, the UNICEF Regional Office for MENA (MENARO), the International Initiative on Impact Evaluation (3IE) and the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) which is part of the Islamic Development Bank

Some key achievements to which the project has contributed significantly would be:

1- Bringing MENA evaluators together (In The region and around the world)

2- Playing a catalyst role in the formalization of six new national evaluation associations during the lifetime of the program

3- Making MENA experiences in evaluation known internationally and taking an active part in the leadership of the Global Evaluation Movement

4- Launching of the first online training course on development evaluation in Arabic
The first ever online training course on development evaluation in Arabic on “My M&E” portal was launched during the closing conference of the project in April 2014 and has been since successfully completed by 276 Arab-speaking individuals, with a marked interest from countries where the project did not become active yet such as Yemen, Iraq, Sudan and Syria. The course is continuously available on E-learning platform

5- Facilitating South-South collaboration on evaluation in the MENA region and beyond

More details are in the following report : Final report Mainstreaming Evaluation Theory and Practice in the MENA Region.pdf

The press coverage can be viewed on the following link


  Outcome Mapping


 “…  being attentive along the journey is as important, and critical to, arriving at a destination..”
                                                                                                                           Michael Quinn Patton, Foreword of the OM guidebook

                                                                                        Outcome mapping june 2011                             

The journey of Outcome Mapping in the MENA region started in 2006, where ESDU met with the IDRC Evaluation Unit and IDRC MERO staff in Cairo to explore the possibility of organizing regional activities related to OM in the region. Two main activities were identified: organizing a regional workshop in Beirut during the second quarter of 2007 and translating the OM introductory brochure into Arabic.

In May 2007, ESDU organized a regional workshop entitled “Introducing and Exploring the Applicability of Outcome Mapping in the Middle East and North Africa Region” in Beirut. The workshop was attended by 19 participants across and managed to lay solid foundations for the OM work in the MENA region, setting-up a wiki page for a first attempt concerning the Arabic terminology. Afterwards, OM applications started emerging in MENA, with pilot activities being carried in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Yemen. IDRC MERO programs such as ACCA, FCI, KariaNet and WaDImena gave increased recognition and importance to OM in their work and spread it further across MENA.

In April 2008, the first “Outcome Mapping Users in MENA” workshop was organized by ESDU in Cairo and was attended by 14 participants that are involved in conceptual and/or practical work related to OM. Participants shared experiences and refined further the Arabic terminology. Later in 2008, the ESDU OM Focal point engaged in a series of iterative discussions with the IDRC Evaluation Unit on a possible way forward.

The translation of the OM book was entrusted to Dr. Mohamed El Fouly from Egypt. Dr. El Fouly took an active part in both workshops organized by ESDU and structured his translation around the terminology developed by the previous project. In October 2008, ESDU applied first for a planning grant that enabled the unit to develop a full proposal in a collaborative manner.

At the same time, ESDU and the IDRC Evaluation Unit commonly agree to capitalize on the opportunity of having the 4th edition of the African Evaluation Association international Conference (AfREA) held in Cairo to organize a set of joint activities that would feed into the preparation process and consolidate the regional outreach of ESDU in the evaluation field. In fact, 20 participants from around Mena were sponsored to attend the 4th edition of AfREA in Cairo (March 29 – April 2, 2009) and to capitalize on their presence, ESDU held a 2 days seminar on M&E in order to think forward in establishing a Development Evaluation Society in MENA that could bring together M&E practitioners from across the region.
More details are in the following report : Final report Mainstreaming Evaluation Theory and Practice in the MENA Region.pdf


Opportunity for Attending- International Professional Development Workshops on Evaluation

Beirut, July 10th 2012

The Environment and Sustainable Development Unit of the American University of Beirut (AUB-ESDU) and the Middle East and North Africa Evaluation Association (EvalMENA) organized on July 10th 2012 a set of professional development workshops in evaluation, with the generous support of the International Development and Research Center (IDRC – Canada) The workshops marked the start of the annual meeting of EvalMENA that took place in Beirut July 10-13, 2012 and concluded the Board Meeting of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) which also took place in Beirut July 8-10. Around 40 evaluators from 15+countries attended the workshops. In order to raise the profile of the evaluation profession in Lebanon, ESDU and EvalMENA gave the chance for up to five development professional from Lebanon to join each of these workshops free of charge.

The three workshops were:

1. Designing and Managing Equity-focused Evaluation

2. Using Appreciative Inquiry in Evaluation

3. The Role of Evaluation in Managing for Results 


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