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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS)
2016 News



December 2016

​​Dr. Adib Saad Retirement Honoring Ceremony

FAFS honored ​​​​​​Dr. Adib Saad for over 50 years of loyalty with a reception held in Mary Dodge Hall on December 16, 2016. READ MORE

Dr. Ioannis Savvaidis' Farewell

On the 16th of December 2016, FAFS faculty and staff gathered to bid farewell to Dr. Ioannis Savvaidis. ​READ MO​RE

​LDEM Student Receives UNIDO’s Honor Award​​

AUB’s Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management (LDEM) second year student, Thea Maria Maroun, received the honor award for the international United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)’s 50th Ann​iversary Youth Competition.​ READ MORE

Could Algae Be the Fuel of The Future? FAFS Professor Yussuf Abou Jawdah & AUB Research Team Contribute to Environmental Sustainability

​​​​​​FAFS’ Professor of Plant Pathology and Acting Chairperson, Dr. Yusuf Abou Jawdah, along with AUB’s professors, Dr. Youssef Mouneimne​​ and Dr. Kamal Bouhadir, and in collaboration with other researchers from Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malta and Lebanon have been investigating the micro-algal diversity of coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea. After studying the microalgae species for almost two years, the team identified a number of algae in Lebanon that show promising potential as super foods, as well as possible sources of fuel. READ M​ORE

AUB’s ESDU and Food Heritage Foundation (FHF) Participate in the Food & Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization’s International Symposium

The Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) participated in an international symposium held on the 1st and 2nd of December 2016 by the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO)READ MORE

Food Security Post-Conflict: A Foundation for Peace and Sustainable Development

​Food security was the focus of a panel entitled, "Food Security Post-Conflict: A Foundation for Peace and Development" within the Office of Strategic Health Initiatives conference on Rebuilding Health Post-Conflict: A Dialogue for the Future held on the AUB campus. READ MORE

November 2016

Leading International Water Expert Tony Allan Puts Food-Water Security on Forefront for MENA region ​​

Addressing a crowd of more than 60 students, faculty, staff, experts in related fields and external guests, Professor Allan shed light on water and food security challenges in the Middle East and North Africa (M​ENA) and analyzed the current and future status and role of water in the region. READ MORE


Launching of the “Supply of Iodine and Monitoring of Salt Iodization” program in Lebanon

The Ministry of Public Health in collaboration with AUB, UNICEF and the Iodine Global Network (IGN) launched an initiative on the 25th of October to address iodine deficiency in Lebanon, a widespread issue in the country.

Dr. Omar Obeid, professor of nutrition at FAFS and the IGN national coordinator for Lebanon inaugurated the program “Supply of Iodine and Monitoring of Salt Iodization in Lebanon”. READ MORE


Early Nutrition Education Gains Traction in Lebanon & the Region

Early Nutrition Education gains traction in Lebanon & the Region as Ministry of Education expands Nestlé “Ajyal Salima” Program to 51 more schools, and Palestine begins Implementation. READ MORE


Dean Hwalla and AVP Saleh talk about AUB's Vision on Health

Dean Hwalla and AVP Saleh talk about AUB's Vision on Health: “Health 2025” and the newly launched interdisciplinary program: Nutrition, Obesity, and Related Diseases (NORD). WATCH HERE


Sweet Corn Day at AREC

The long loved Sweet Corn Day was hosted by the Advancing Research Enabling Communities Center (AREC) for the first time in 8 years on Sunday October 23, 2016. The event was organized by the newly established Food and Agriculture Student Society at FAFS in collaboration with AREC Director Dr. Mustapha Haidar and FAFS Student Records Officer Ms. Tharwat Haddad, and sponsored by Kassatly Chtaura, Dunkin Donuts, Lipton Ice Tea and the World Alumni Association at AUB. READ MORE


FAFS Participates in 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit

The 5th Mediterranean Poultry Summit was held on October 20-25, 2016, on board of a ship cruising through the Mediterranean Sea to ports in Italy, Spain, and France. This is a conference that is held once every two years by the Mediterranean Poultry Network (MPN) of World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) to promote WPSA activities, expand membership of the WPSA, spread the knowledge in the field of poultry science, and coordinate future Mediterranean Summits of WPSA in all countries of the Mediterranean region. READ MORE


October 2016

LDEM Students Receive Honorary Mention

LDEM students and professor received a special Honorary Mention at the “International Prize of University Projects in Schools of Architecture and Landscape. READ MORE


Launch of the Nutrition, Obesity, and Related Diseases (NORD) Interdisciplinary Program

The NORD program will serve as a contextualized knowledge hub, constituting a platform for multidisciplinary and engaging collaboration that aims to fill knowledge gaps related to the epidemic and advance the nutritional sciences in order to inform health communication, provide strategies, and improve public policy to prevent and manage obesity and related diseases nationally and regionally.

It will foster national and international research networks to address the role of diet and nutrition in disease prevention and management, taking into account culture, environment, and sustainable development.

Through its expertise pool from AUB’s Faculties of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS), Health Sciences (FHS), and Medicine (FM), as well as other universities in Lebanon, the program will serve as a liaison to foster public-private partnerships to promote the role of diet in the prevention and management of obesity and related diseases.

The NORD program is the third program of the Global Health Initiative (GHI) which addresses global health challenges with a focus on context and sustainable impact through interdisciplinary approaches. READ MORE  about the launch of the NORD program


LDEM Alumna and Faculty Participate in CIU Habitat Competition and Receive Third Place in the Ideas Competition 

MUPP/MUD students Israa Darwish and Diala Makki, LDEM alumna Nour Farhat, and fifth year architecture student Louai Kaakani won the third prize in the CIU Habitat International Competition. READ MORE

FAFS Launches Lebanon Spacial in collaboration with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

The Food Security Program at the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) have launched the Lebanon Spatial data atlas. READ MORE

September 2016

FAFS Celebrates AUB’s 150th Anniversary

In celebration of AUB’s 150th anniversary, and with its slogan “Healthy Earth, Healthy Food, Healthy People,” AUB’s Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) held a two-day event under the theme “Together towards a Sustainable Community” on the 29th and 30th of September 2016. READ MORE and watch here.

FAFS Celebrates the Retirement of Mr. Samir Touma after 51 Years of Service!

FAFS faculty and staff gathered to celebrate the retirement of Mr. Samir Touma. A dear colleague and a hard-working​ staff member, Mr. Touma has been a devoted technician at the faculty for the past 51 years. READ MORE

FAFS Dean Nahla Hwalla Honored at Lebanese Parliament Ceremony

FAFS Dean Nahla Hwal​la honored as a woman leader in Lebanese universities and research pioneer at a ceremony held in the Lebanese Parliament. READ MORE


August 2016

Dr. Hadi Jaafar Won the C. A. and C. C. Rebeiz Award for Agricultural Research

Dr. Hadi J aafar won the CA and CC Rebeiz Award for Agricultural Research for the year of 2015, which is dedicated for promoting agricultural research at AUB. READ MORE​

FAFS Engages in Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign on the Occasion of World Breastfeeding Week

On the occasion of the World Breastfeeding week, the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS), the Lebanese Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics (LAND) and FAFS Alumni engaged in the Breastfeeding Awareness Campaign, under the patronage of Minister of Public Health (MOPH) Wael Abu Faour. Dean of FAFS and President of LAND, Dr. Nahla Hwalla, participated in a press conference to launch this campaign on August 9, at the MOPH premises in Bir Hassan where she emphasized the crucial health benefits of breastfeeding. READ MORE

July 2016

AUB mourns former Dean Thomas Sutherland 

The American University of Beirut mourns the passing away of former Dean, Dr. Thomas Sutherland, who passed away Friday night in Colorado, USA at age 85. He served as Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at AUB from 1983 until 1985 when he was taken hostage during the Lebanese civil war and held captive for more than six years. READ MORE

AUB endorses “The 2016 Call for Action on the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet”

The American University of Beirut has joined forces with other internationally renowned institutions to officially endorse The 2016 Call for Action on the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet from the International Foundation of Mediterranean Diet (IFMeD) First World Congress on the Mediterranean Diet, which took place in Milan, Italy on 6-8 July 2016.

The call was launched within the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition, 2016-2025, and as a follow up of the CIHEAM 2015 MEDIET EXPO Call for Action: Time to Act towards more Sustainable Food Systems for present and future generations, and aims for a common action on the revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet.

Check this link for more info on The 2016 Call for Action on the Revitalization of the Mediterranean Diet


FAFS Efforts towards "Antibiotic Free" Feed  to Save Lives and Environment

Dr. Houssam Shaib explains FAFS’s take on Antibiotic use in animal feed farms and its responsibility and continuous efforts towards food safety. READ MORE

FAFS Promotes Mediterranean Diet as a Healthy and Sustainable Pattern for Food and Nutrition Security

The 1st World Conference on the Mediterranean Diet was hosted by the International Foundation of Mediterranean Diet in Milan, Italy, and was held between July 6 and 9, 2016. The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences was represented by Dean Nahla Hwalla, who gave a talk entitled “Developing sustainable national food-based dietary guidelines based on the Lebanese Mediterranean diet.”

June 2016

Food Security Program (FSP) Participates in EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2016

The Food Security Program (FSP) at the American University of Beirut has participated in the EAT Stockholm Food Forum, a major international gathering on the topic of sustainable food systems, held June 13-14 in Stockholm, Sweden. AUB was one of the selected academic institutions invited to participate. What was this event, and why did FSP participate? FSP Coordinator Rachel Bahn answers those questions.


Lebanon Rallies to Fight IDD

AUB Professor Dr. Omar Obeid and FHS, issued a newsletter about the efforts done to fight Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) in Lebanon. The study conducted in 2013-2014, showed that the iodine concentration (in human urine) has reached dangerous low levels. Following a policy meeting in the presence of the Director General of the Ministry of Public Health with Professor Obeid in collaboration with the Knowledge to Policy (K2P) Center and the Center for Research on Population Health (CRPH), it was concluded that there is a need to strengthen the implementation of the existing universal salt iodization law as well as amending, monitoring and evaluating the current Lebanese law on salt iodization, which permitted the use of potassium iodide or potassium iodate as a fortificant, to become a stepping stone towards eliminating the problem. READ MORE


FAFS Research Team Receives National Energy Globe Award

Dr. Yusuf Abou Jawdah, FAFS, and his research team at AUB, received the National Energy Globe Award for their MED-ALGAE project titled “Production of biodiesel from Algae in selected Mediterranean Countries” in partnership with The Lebanese Association for Energy Saving & for Environment (ALMEE), on June 5, 2016 which marks the UN World Environment Day. Read the interview with Dr. Abou Jawdeh on the project here. And read more about the Award here.


FAFS Hosts Gala Dinner Celebrating AUB’s 150th Anniversary and the Huge Success of the First IFLA Beirut 2016 Conference

The FAFS Gala Dinner 2016 was held on the occasion of AUB's 150th Anniversary and the huge success the first International Federation of Landscape Architecture (IFLA) 2016 Conference "Unfolding Middle Eastern Landscapes".READ MORE


Landscape Architecture Takes Firm Root in Lebanon at IFLA 2016 Conference

In a major initiative spearheaded by Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences members and colleagues at the Lebanese University, in collaboration with the Lebanese Landscape Association (LELA), landscape architecture is being embedded in the Middle East with the first regional International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) 2016 conference devoted to the discipline, which was  hosted at AUB. READ MORE


FAFS Faculty Lead Agricultural Initiative to Help Refugees

FAFS Faculty (Dr. Salma Talhouk, Dr. Monika Fabian, Dr. Ali Chalak and Dr. Rami Zurayk) lead project backed by the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization, which aims to decrease the cost of urban gardening for Syrian refugees and Lebanese nationals based in Akkar by designing affordable vertical gardens which can be maintained by their owners. This project is intended to improve social cohesion while also providing a positive coping mechanism for disadvantaged women in the North of Lebanon. Read more about this initiative on VAO News and The Daily Star.


May 2016

FAFS Celebrates Class of 2016 in Annual Graduate Reception 

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at AUB celebrated the achievements of its graduating students and awardees in the annual Graduate Reception held on May 19, 2016 at Charles Hostler Auditorium and Terrace. READ MORE


NFSC Hosts Workshop on Basic and Advanced Carbohydrate Counting

The Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at FAFS hosted a 2 day workshop on May 23 and 24, 2016 titled Basic and Advanced Carbohydrate Counting, given by specialist Claudia Matta. The workshop targeted clinical and licensed dietitians and aimed to equip them with evidence based skills in carbohydrate counting. READ MORE


FAFS Hosts Celebratory Dinner for NFSC's first Registered Dietitians and accredited class of the Nutrition and Dietetics Coordinated Program

FAFS celebrates the first group of students to receive the Registered Dietitians credential and first accredited class of the Nutrition and Dietetics Coordinated Program in a Celebratory Dinner on May 17, 2016. READ MORE

“Nutrition in Emergencies” Intensive Course Launches for the Sixth Year Attracting Professionals Globally

The sixth annual “Nutrition in Emergencies” intensive 10-day course, in collaboration with University College London, launched on May 16, 2016 hosting professionals from around the world. READ MORE


NFSC Department Hosts Workshop on Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition Delivered by Leading Scientist in the Field, Dr. Ahmad El Sohemy

Within this year MEMA’s theme of Precision Medicine and in line with its mission to provide cutting edge evidence and recent advances in the field of nutrition, the NFSC department hosted a workshop on Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition: Implications for the Dietetic Practice on May 16, 2016. READ MORE


NFSC Department Hosts Session on Precision Nutrition

The Nutrition and Food Sciences Department led the coordination and delivery of a session on Precision Nutrition that took place on Saturday May 14, 2016 as part of this year's MEMA theme of Precision Medicine. READ MORE


FAFS Faculty Members play critical role in newly launched AUB Botanic Garden

The AUB community and administration has made a powerful statement of their commitment to the environment and preserving the greenery on campus by declaring the University grounds as a permanent botanic garden. FAFS Faculty members addressed the issue of providing the botanic garden with ecosystems services and discussed AUB’s position and future role as a model botanic garden. READ MORE

April 2016

United Faculties' Rugby League Captain presents winning trophy to FAFS Dean Hwalla

Agribusiness Senior, Captain Gianni Hammoudeh presenting the Trophy to Dean Hwalla, after the United Faculties’ victory in the Rugby League Big Game. READ MORE


FAFS Celebrates Agribusiness with the Aana Prizes

The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut held the third annual Aana Prizes in Agribusiness on April 27, 2016. The event celebrated agribusiness, through student poster presentations and an awards ceremony.  READ MORE


AUB Community Gathers at the Annual AREC DAY on its 60th Anniversary

The AUB community, friends, and family gathered once again at the Agricultural Research and Education Center (AREC) to enjoy a fun-filled day in nature’s arms for the annual AREC Day on April 24th, 2016. READ MORE


FAFS Students Win Three First-Place Prizes in the International Biodiversity Day at AUB

Senior Agribusiness students and first year Landscape Architecture students win first place prizes in the IBDAA 2016. READ MORE


Lebanese Order of Engineers and Architects Visit FAFS

Mr. Khaled Chehab, the President of the Order of Engineers and Architects and Dr. Micheline Wehbe, the President of the Agricultural Branch of the Order of Engineers and Architects, give an informative talk at FAFS about the engineering profession and on the achievements of the syndicate. READ MORE


Assafir reports on a recent AUB study headed by AUB Professor Omar Obeid on the daily intake of sodium and potassium for school students in Lebanon

Researchers from the Faculty of Food Science and Agriculture at AUB conducted a national study on consumption of the sodium and potassium of elementary students in Lebanon. The study concluded that nearly 50% of them devour excessive amounts of sodium compared to diminutive amounts of potassium. READ MORE

February 2016
Food Security Program Featured on

The Food Security Program at the American University of Beirut has been featured at GoAbroad is an online, English-language resource for individuals searching for overseas study, internship, and work opportunities. Read the interview with FSP Coordinator Rachel Bahn online.

FAFS mourns death of Dr. Musa Nimah

The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences mourns the death of Dr. Musa Nimah who passed away on February 13, 2016. Dr. Nimah served AUB for almost forty years as a distinguished academic in agricultural research. READ MORE

ESDU organizes it’s 2016 “Winter Souk” Farmers’ Market in collaboration with the Food Heritage Foundation

The Environment and Sustainable Development Unit, in collaboration with the Food Heritage Foundation, organized its "Winter Souk" Farmers' Market last Thursday February 18 in FAFS courtyard. The market featured more than 15 small producers from diverse Lebanese areas who offered fresh, traditional and healthy products to the AUB community


ESDU collaborates with NEF and YMCA for urban agriculture initiative

The Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU) at AUB has collaborated with the Near East Foundation (NEF) and the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) to launch an initiative that will facilitate access to affordable nutrient-rich foods. The project aims at providing vulnerable refugee families and members of their host communities with training and startup materials for container, rooftop, and vertical gardening. READ MORE


FAFS to Offer MENA’s First MS in Food Security  

FAFS will launch the first MS in Food Security degree program in the MENA region, beginning fall 2016. Applications are now openREAD MORE and APPLY ONLINE

January 2016

The 2014 C. A. and C. C. Rebeiz Prize for Agricultural research at AUB awarded to Dr. Omar Obeid READ MORE

FAFS will once again offer its Diploma in Food Security program in summer 2016.

It is the only such program offered in the MENA region. Applications are now open. READ MORE and APPLY ONLINE

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