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Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS)
LDEM Student Receives UNIDO’s Honor Award

​​​AUB’s Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management (LDEM) second year student, Thea Maria Maroun, received the honor award for the international United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)’s 50th Anniversary Youth Competition. This​ contest was part of the course LDEM 246 and Professors Dr. Mehran Madani and Dr. Basma Ibrahim guided Thea through her winning concept.

This year, UNIDO’s sustainable design competition revolved around “Envisaging Our Sustainable Future” and aims to ensure a bright tomorrow for inclusive and sustainable development. Thea’s project has been designated by the Reviewing Committee as one of the five best and as an acknowledgment, she has been rewarded the UNIDO certificate of appreciation.

Thea designed a project that reconciles between the needs of nature and the needs of humans, aiming to solve the problem of the industrial and urban growth that are eating out the rural areas. Our student created an urban-agricultural system for residential areas that resembles the system of a plant. It is composed of 4 modifiable and dynamic structures: The first and central one is made out of static platforms that serve as planting areas for large crops and small trees. The second one is adjacent to the first one and is composed of moving platforms with different sizes and functions that move according to​ environmental stimuli. The third multi-functional structure is also adjacent to the central structure but is called upon by users of the buildings with a controller. This structure can be a customizable balcony and incorporates a planting area for medium sized crops. The last and smallest structure is placed next to windows so that users can reach of their hand the fresh agricultural products. 

Thea conveyed her concept in a 60 seconds animated video. Her minimalistic yet fun film addresses future generations and states her hopes, dreams and concerns. The participants’ videos are stored in a time capsule and will be re-opened in November of 2030!

See Thea Ma​roun's Certificate here!​​

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