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Dean's Honor List & Students Awards

Dean's Honor List:

To be placed on the Dean's Honor List at the end of a given Fall or Spring Term, a student must:



  • Be carrying at least twelve credits of required courses;
  • Not be repeating the term nor have an outstanding probation;
  • Have passed all the courses of the Term and attained an overall average in the required courses of 85 or more, or of 80 or more while ranking approximately in the top 10% of the class;
  • Not have been subjected to any disciplinary action within the University; and
  • Be deemed worthy by the Dean to be on the Dean's Honor List.


 The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences offers the below student awards:​​

Edgecombe Memorial Prize

A monetary award of $500 granted to the outstanding student in the 4th year Agriculture program.

Kashadurian Award

To a deserving student who was at AREC and has shown outstanding performance in farm skills and practices, and appreciation for farm life at AREC.

The Joanna Haidar Award

Annual award of $500 to a deserving and needy AREC student having a cumulative average of 75 and above. The student should be environmentally aware and interested in agricultural practices and development.

Dean Thomas Sutherland Prizes

Awarded annually at graduation to outstanding Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences graduates. For undergraduate excellence, $500 to the recipient of the Penrose Award for the year. For graduate excellence, $1000 to the M.S. graduate with the thesis judged best overall for design, research, presentation, and contribution to its field.

Penrose Award

Non-cash honorary awards made on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership and contribution to University life to the outstanding graduate of each Faculty.

Abdul Hadi Debs Endowment Award for Academic Excellence

It is an annual award to graduating students, preferably at the graduate level. Each Faculty will nominate one candidate with outstanding academic record, and who has demonstrated research capabilities through a paper, project or thesis deemed by the Faculty worthy of publication. The recipients will receive equally a cash award depending on the amount generated by the endowment. The maximum amount of each award shall not exceed $ 1,000. The award will be announced during the reception preceding or following Commencement Exercises. Each student will receive a check and a certificate.

Dean Nuhad Daghir FAFS Graduate Student Award

This award is set at $1000 and will go to the graduating student with a Master's degree from the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences who succeeded to accumulate the highest average over his/her graduate studies at AUB.

Dr. Musa Najib Nimah Endowed Award for Academic Excellence

​Annual award of $1000 granted to a graduating student at the undergraduate level from the Agriculture Program who has the highest cumulative GPA.​

The Nehme Moujaess Student Award in Landscape Architecture

​Annual award of $1000 granted to final year Landscape Architecture students whose final year project is selected by the Department as the most deserving.​

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