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Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages
News & Events

Wednesday September 13, 2017: Pedagogies of Revolt: Translating Egyot in Flux

Tuesday May 02, 2017:العربية... هذه اللغة الشريفة دراسات في اللغة والنحو والمعجم والساميّات  

Thursday April 27, 2017: Rumi, Sufism and the "Good Islam" Constructing Sufism in the Modern World

Monday April 24, 2017: حديقة الستين الشاعر جودت فخرالدين

Friday April 07, 2017: ندوة حول رواية" خمسون غرامًا من الجنة" لإيمان حميدان الحائزة على جائزة كتارا للرواية العربية

Friday March 31, April 01: KIP Multidisciplinary Conference on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Thursday March 30, 2017: Arabic & Translation Key Moments in Trans-Cultural Connection

Monday March 20, 2017: The Madhāhib of Modernity Al-Shidyāq and Literary Politics

Tuesday March 14, 2017- March 17, 2017: Tarjamat

Monday February 27, 2017: Sufi Adab as Pedagogy: Shaykh-Murid Relationship across the ages

Monday February 20, 2017: A Case Study in Semitic Literature

Friday February 17, 2017: دراسات نقدية في المخطوطات والمحفوظات والنقوش العربية

Thursday February 16, 2017: Unpacking Saadallah Wannous Private Library at AUB

Wednesday February 15, 2017: قادرون وبالعربية: ندوة حول روايتين انجزتا في دائرة اللغة العربية

Friday February 10, 2017:zeina Halabi.docx

Monday Februray 06, 2017: New discoveries in Qatrayith 

Wednesday February 01, 2017: Innovatiohn in Arabic Poetry in the 18th century Bilad Al-Sham

Wednesday February 01, 2017: Solenn.docx

 Monday November 28, 2016: Adab in Its Own Terms: A Study of the Maqamat of Niqula al-Turk

Friday November 25, 2016: The role of the Arabian pre-Islamic Inscriptions in explaining Qur'anic vocabulary

Friday November 04, 2016: ندوة حول شعر تامر ملاط وتوقيع ديوانه

Wednesday October 26, 2016:  جبّور الدويهي يوقّع روايته طُبعَ في بيروت

Monday September 26, 2016:قراءة نقدية لإغواء الأدب وسلطة القارئ في العقد لابن عبد ربه الأندلس 

Friday January 29, 2016: First Phd dissertation by Hanadi Dayyeh

Friday November 13,2015: Shalaloun Moustateer' Book Signing by Jihad Al Zein

Wednesday October 21, 2015:'Qur’an and Zoroaster in Kurdistan: Authority and Attraction in Muslim Ethics'

Monday October 12, 2015: "The Canonization of the European Form of Theater in the Arab World: The Case of Egypt" Lecture By Professor Joseph Zeidan.

AUB Assistant Professor Bilal Orfali named member of prestigious Institute for Advanced Study

AUB Professor Ramzi Baalbaki, holder of the Jewett Chair in the Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages, has been awarded the prestigious King Faisal International Prize for Arabic Language and Literature.















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