Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES)
Colloquial Lebanese Arabic 

The Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Middle Eastern Studies will offer one 6-credit class in intensive colloquial Lebanese Arabic at the intermediate level in the summer of 2017. The prerequisite is two semesters of Modern Standard Arabic. 

MEST 382 Intermediate Lebanese Colloquial Arabic (Intensive) (6 cr.)
This course is designed for students who already have some knowledge of Lebanese colloquial Arabic and want to reach a higher level. They will do so through engaging in the following tasks: narrating in the present and the past in details, dealing more effectively with complicated situations, listening to authentic programs, and discussing topics of personal and public interest. Students will also gain a higher awareness of the different aspects of Lebanese culture. The course consists of 120 contact hours and will use teaching materials developed by CAMES. Lebanese films, songs, and other audiovisual materials will also be used. Students who wish to apply for this course should have already studied Modern Standard Arabic for at least two semesters.

The tuition fee for Colloquial Lebanese Arabic is obligatory. The fees cover classroom instruction, wireless internet access and all field trips. Optional fees include health insurance, accommodation and use of sports facilities (including the AUB beach). All students attending the program must have health insurance coverage. Students who have an insurance plan that covers them in Lebanon should provide proof of this and sign a health insurance waiver which will be provided along with the letter of acceptance. Students who are not enrolled in a health insurance plan that covers them in Lebanon should pay the AUB health insurance fee. Students may choose to live in the student dorms on campus or look for their own accommodation off campus. The sports facilities fee is also optional.

Tuition for Colloquial Lebanese Arabic (obligatory): $3,284

General Deposit (obligatory): $200 (will be refunded to each student at the end of the program)

Additional fees for optional services include:

  • Health Insurance: $164
  • Sports Facilities: $80

Accommodation in the dorms on AUB campus:

  • Private Room: $1,658 (private; single-occupancy room sharing the floor bathroom; women only) - upon availability
  • Semi-private Room: $1,160.5 (two double-occupancy rooms sharing a bathroom; women only) - upon availability
  • Double Room: $1,000 (double-occupancy room sharing the floor bathroom)

Payment Requirements
A non-refundable deposit of $500 is also required upon acceptance and will be deducted from each applicant's tuition fees. The full fees are due by May 15, 2017. Accepted students who have not paid their tuition fees may not attend any part of the program, including Orientation Day. Payments can be made by check, cash, or bank transfer. Credit card payments are not accepted. Participants who wish to pay in the USA should mail a check to the
AUB New York office, quoting "American University of Beirut / CAMES". Participants who wish to pay in Lebanon may come the CAMES office to get a bill and pay at the Cashier's Office in College Hall, AUB. Participants who wish to pay by bank transfer should email CAMES for details on how to do so.

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