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Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES)

Field Trips

Field trip to Downtown Beirut                                                              Field trip to community center

Field trips form an important part of the summer Arabic program. Field trips within the Beirut area are usually to places such as Downtown Beirut and the National Museum. CAMES also organizes class visits to local newpapers, TV stations and Arabic bookstores. There are also a number of community service field trips to orphanges, nursing homes and community centers in underprivileged areas.  

Field trips outside Beirut take place on Saturdays and are usually to sites such as Byblos, Jeita and Beiteddine. Instructors accompany students on these field trips and guides are also available.

Students may join a variety of clubs which meet one afternoon a week. Clubs are conducted entirely in Arabic. Some of the clubs in recent summers have been as follows:

Calligraphy Club

In the Calligraphy Club, students receive lessons in Arabic calligraphy from a professional calligrapher.

Journalism Club
In the Journalism Club,students  produce a newsletter in Arabic about their stay in Beirut and about the summer Arabic program, in which they do the research, the reporting, write the articles and take the pictures.

Dabke Club

In the Dabke Club, students receive lessons in Dabke, a traditional Lebanese dance, from a professional Dabke instructor.

Lebanese Cuisine Club
In the Lebanese Cuisine Club, students learn how to prepare traditional Lebanese dishes such tabbouleh, hummus, baba ghannoush and many others.

One afternoon every other week, students attend a lecture in Arabic. Lectures for students in the introductory levels of Arabic are designed to be simpler than those for students in advanced levels, which are more complex.

One afternoon every other week, students view a movie in Arabic. All the movies shown are in the Lebanese dialect.


Mosque in Downtown Beirut                                                         Old souk of Byblos


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