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Department of Chemistry at FAS, AUB
Dr. Pierre Karam

Office: Chemistry 426
Phone: 3989
E-mail: pk03


Our research addresses topics in renewable energy, biosensing, and photochemistry at the single molecule level.

1. We are exploring new and innovative methods to increase the efficiency of microbial fuel cells. This technology is based on the catalytic reaction of electrogenic bacteria that converts biodegradable material and wastewater to electrical current. This project has the potential to produce, with high efficiency, clean energy from wastewater.

2. We are developing sensors to detect with high sensitivity unlabeled DNA using fluorescence spectroscopy. This project aims at developing cheap diagnostic tools for early disease detection.

3. We are also unraveling the photophysical properties of conjugated system when coupled to metal nanoparticles using ensemble and single molecule fluorescence microscopy. This hybrid structure will prove instrumental in developing high efficient solar cells and biosensing devices.  

 Selected Publications

  • Jeong H. E., Kim I., Karam P., Choi H., and Yang P. “Bacterial recognition of silicon nanowire arrays(Under revision).
  • Karam P.; Ngo A. T. and Cosa G. “Unraveling Energy Transfer in Single Conjugated Polyelectrolytes Encapsulated in Liposomes Nanocontainers”,  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2010 107: 17480-17485.
  • Lo P. K.; Karam P.; Aldaye F. A.; McLaughlin C. K.; Cosa G. and H. F. Sleiman “Loading and Selective Release of Cargo in DNA nanotubes with Longitudinal Variation",  Nature Chemistry, 2010 2: 319-328
  • Karam P. and Halaoui  L. I. “Sensing of H2O2 at Low Surface Density Assemblies of Pt Nanoparticles in Polyelectrolyte”,  Analytical Chemistry,  2008, 80 (14), pp 5441–5448.



Dr. Pierre Karam - Chemistry Department - AUB
Dr. Pierre Karam
Assistant Professor
Analytical Chemistry

B.Sc., Lebanese American University(2004)
M.Sc., American University of Beirut (2006)
Ph.D., McGill University (2011) 
Office: Chemistry 426
Phone: 3989
E-mail: p


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