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Department of Computer Science
Seminar by Prof. Dina Katabi (MIT)

Vision of the Wireless Future: Insights into Emerging Technologies

Time: Monday May 23 at 4:00 pm
Location: CAMS conference room, College Hall, 4th floor

The talk argues that disruptive innovations in the wireless domain require a cross-layer approach, where higher-level protocols and applications are designed with an understanding of signal propagation, and transmission systems are adapted to application needs. I will discuss a few systems that leverage this approach to deliver practical solutions to the challenges facing wireless communications and mobile computing. MegaMIMO enables independent devices to act as one humongous MIMO transmitter, delivering 10x higher data rates for WiFi and cellular networks. WiTrack a system that provides 3D motion tracking of a person based purely on RF reflections off her body. It works across walls and obstacles and does not require the user to carry any wireless device. Finally, PinIt a system that can localize objects in the environment to within 10 cm and track their motion and orientation.

Dina Katabi is the Andrew & Erna Viterbi Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and the director of the MIT¹s center for wireless networks and mobile computing (Wireless@MIT). She received her PhD and MS from MIT in 2003 and 1999, and her Bachelor of Science from Damascus University in 1995. Katabi was named a MacArthur Fellow in 2013. She received the ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award in 2013, a Faculty Research Innovation Fellowship in 2011, the IEEE William R. Bennett prize in 2009, a Sloan Fellowship in 2006, the NBX Career Development chair in 2006, and an NSF CAREER award in 2005. Katabi's doctoral dissertation won an ACM Honorable Mention award and a Sprowls award for academic excellence. She also received multiple best paper awards from ACM SIGCOMM and Usenix NSDI, and a TR10 award for her work on the sparse Fourier transform. A couple of start-ups have come out of Katabi's lab such as PiCharging and Emerald, which was recently presented to President Obama in the White House.

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