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Civilization Sequence Program
Dr. Maher Jarrar
Education:  Arabic and Islamic Studies; PhD 1989: Eberhard-Karls-Universität, Tübingen

Maher Jarrar: Is Professor at the American University of Beirut, both at Civilization Program & at the Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages. He is Chair of the Arts and Humanities Initiative (Mellon Grant) and Director of the Civilization Sequence Program.

Since April 2, 2012       : Chair, Arts & Humanities Initiative (Mellon Grant)

Since January 2012      : Director, Civilization Sequence Program

Since January 2012      : Associate Editor, Al-Abhath (Journal of the Faculty of Arts &

                                            Sciences at AUB)

2002-Februar 2013      : Director, Anis Makdisi Program in Literature

2011, Fall                       : Visiting Professor, Harvard                                          

Oct. 2004 – Oct. 2007   : Director, Civilization Sequence Program

June 2005                       : Promoted to Full Professor

2002-2003                      : Sabbatical year, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin.

1996, Spring                  : Visiting Professor, Harvard

1989-1992                      : Lecturer in Arabic, Albert-Ludwig-Universität, Freiburg i.Br.


1989                                : Ph.D. in Islamic & Oriental Studies, Eberhart-Karls-

                                           Universität, Tübingen (Germany).

Areas of Research: The biography of Prophet Muhammad (Sīra); Arabic Narratology, early and modern; The Arabian Nights; Literature of Islamic Spain, Al-Andalus; Early Zaydī history and dogmas.


1.                  Books:

a.                   ‘Abd al-Rahmān Munīf wa ’l-‘Irāq. Beirut, 2005.


b.                  al-Wāfī bi ’l-wafayāt, vol. 29. Beirut, 1997.

c.                   Akhbār Fakhkh, Beirut, 1995; 2nd reworked edition. Tunis, 2011.

d.                  Die Prophetenbiographie im islamischen Spanien: Ein Beitrag zur Überlieferungs- und Redaktionsgeschichte. Frankfurt and New York, 1989.


e.                   al-Ghunya: Fihrist Shuyūkh al-Qāḍī Iyāḍ. Beirut, 1983.

f.                    Shi‘r al-Ramādī, Yūsuf b. Hārūn. Beirut, 1980.

2.                  Editor: A special issue of al-Abḥāth (AUB) on The Sociology of the Lebanese Civil War Novel, 52 (2004). A confernce held at AUB by the Anis Makdisi Program in Literature, May 14-16, 2004.


3.                  Co-editor: Myths, Historical Archetypes and Symbolic Figures in Arabic Literature. Towards a New Hermeneutic Approach, Stuttgart and Beirut, 1999.

4.                  Articles: published some 36 articles in academic journals, encyclopedias, and chapters in books.

5.                  Review-articles: 21 book-reviews in refereed academic journals.

6.                  Translations into Arabic:

    1. Tadeusz Lewicki, Les Historiens, biographes et tradtionnistes Ibadites-Wahbites de l’Afrique du Nord. Beirut 2000.

    1. Chapter one (pages 1-56) of Josef van Ess, Zwischen Hadīt und Theologie. Studien zur Entstehung prädestinatianischer Überlieferung (al-Abḥāth 1999).

7.                  Work in progress: Currently working on

a.       A book on the Contemporary Arabic ‘Nouveau Roman’.


b.      A critical edition, an English translation & a study in English & Arabic of Šarkitāb al-Sunna, by Ğulām alīl (d. 275/888), a joint project with Professor Sebastian Günther (University of Göttingen).


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Dr. Maher Jarrar
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