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Department of English
Lina Choueiri

Language and Literature

Lina G. Choueiri,  Professor of English Language.
PhD (University of Southern California, 2002); MA (USC);
MS (Georgetown University); BA (Université Saint-Joseph).

Within the study of grammar in the Generative approach, Lina's research interests follow three lines of inquiry: (1) the application of formal grammars to the study of human language, (2) the comparative syntax of Semitic languages, and (3) the status of the syntactic component of the grammar with respect to the other components (i.e. phonological and semantic). The empirical domain of her research revolves around the notion of 'displacement' and the relationship between pronouns and their antecedents in constructions like questions and relative clauses. Some of her recent publications include articles in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Linguistic Inquiry, and the Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics. The Syntax of Arabic, which is co-authored with Joseph Aoun and Elabbas Benmamoun, is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press. She had been an Assistant Professor in the English Department, at AUB, and a member of CELRT since Fall 2000.

 Courses she has taught include:

English 301 (Introduction to Bibliography and Research Methods)
English 231 (Modern English Grammar)
English 235 (Politics of Language)
English 246 (Applied Linguistics)
English 230 (Language in Society)





















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