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The research and teaching in our department includes historical and analytical approaches to language and rhetoric, academic and creative modes of writing, and the study of a wide range of literary and cultural traditions. Students and faculty in our department engage in critical analysis of the diversity and dynamism of various Anglophone environments around the globe, with a particular eye for how they are also embedded in transnational and translinguistic networks. Trained largely in the English-speaking world and teaching in English, our international faculty brings to the study of language, literature and writing a unique awareness of place.  The complexity of Lebanon’s cultural and linguistic situation informs many of the research projects we are pursuing.  Our students also bring to their studies a wide range of lived experiences ensuring that the study of language and literature in Beirut is a rich experience of crossing borders.
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News in the Department 

Robert Myers has received along with Nada Saab of LAU a MacArthur Foundation grant of $50,000 to collaborate to translate the play "Tuqus al-Isharat wa-l-Tahawwalat" ("Rituals of Signs and Transformations") by the Syrian playwright Saadallah Wannus. The play will be produced by Silk Road Rising and performed in Beirut and Chicago. [...]

Tariq Mehmood has won the Frances Lincoln Diverse Voices Children's Book Award 2013 for You're Not Proper.


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