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Department of English

There have been significant changes and additions to the Minors offered by the Department of English:

English Literature
English Language
Creative Writing
Translation - in collaboration with the Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages
Gender Studies (new)
Film and Visual Culture (new) - in collaboration with the Media Studies
Theater - housed in Fine Arts and Art History
American Studies - housed in the Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR)

 Minor in Literature

A Minor in Literature requires 15 credits.
Two Core Courses from among:
ENGL 205 English Literature I
ENGL 207 English Literature II
ENGL 209 Survey of American Literature
One Comparative Literature Course (ENGL 240-243)
Any Two Courses from the different categories of the Literature curriculum.

Minor in Language

A Minor in language requires 15 credits.
ENGL 227 (Introduction to Language)
Four other Courses chosen from the Department’s Language offerings.

Minor in Creative Writing

A Minor in Creative Writing requires 15 credits.
Three Courses chosen from:
ENGL 239 Screenwriting
ENGL 249 Fiction
ENGL 250 Poetry
ENGL 251 Playwriting
ENGL 252 (formerly 237) Non Fiction
ENGL 253 Cultural Writing
ENGL 254A Short Video Writing and Production
ENGL 254 (any letter) Special Topics in Creative Writing

Plus Two 200-level courses chosen from the offerings in Literature (including ENGL 236).

Minor in Translation 

(in collaboration with the Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages)

A Minor in Translation requires 15 credits.
ARAB 225 Translation
ENGL 233 Introduction to Translation

3 Electives chosen from the following:
ARAB 211 Survey of Arabic Grammar
ARAB 212 Survey of Arabic Grammar
ARAB 226 Translation

Minor in Gender Studies

(in collaboration with the Departments of History; Sociology, Anthropology, and Media Studies;
Health Promotion and Community Health; and Epidemiology and Population Health)

A Minor in Gender Studies requires 15 credits from any of the following courses:
NGL 234 Gender and Language
ENGL 258 (any letter) Gender and Sexuality
EPHD 334 Reproductive Health
HIST  262 Gender in Classical Islamic Society
HPCH 202 Sexuality and Public Health
SOAN 225 Gender and Culture

Or Special Topics, seminars, and/or course sections with emphases on Gender, Sexuality, and/or Women’s Studies – with approval by the Chair of the Department of English.

Minor in Film and Visual Culture

(in collaboration with the Media Studies Program)

A Minor in Film and Visual Culture requires 16 credits.
The Two Core Requirements are:
ENGL 219 Film as Text
MCOM 222 Introduction to Visual Culture Studies

Two Additional Electives from the following:

ENGL 241A Translational Film: Race and Amerika
ENGL 257 (ABC…) Visual Culture
MCOM 262 Media Depictions of Society
MCOM 264 Popular Culture
MCOM 265 War and Media
MCOM (TBA) On Television
MCOM 290G Media Intifada
SOAN 236 Semiotic Anthropology
SOAN 250: Seminar in Art and Culture
A Special Topics or any other course that has a focus on film and visual culture –
with the approval of the Media Studies Program

One Practice-Based Elective from:
ENGL 239 Screenwriting
ENGL 254A Short Video Writing and Production
MCOM 241 Broadcast Media
MCOM 242 Digital and Multimedia News
An approved Special Topics course

One Lab from:
MCOM 295C Video Editing

Last update: 16 February 2016

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