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The Faculty of Arts and Sciences houses 22 academic departments, programs, and centers in three major areas of study: the humanities, the social sciences, and the basic sciences. It offers undergraduate programs leading to bachelor's degrees as well as graduate education leading to master's degrees in most fields. It offers four PhD programs. The role of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences as the "Gateway to Higher Education" at the University and in the region is central to its mission, promoting liberal education through freedom of choice.
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The Second Annual Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut: August 10-23

MA in Islamic Studies at CAMES starting from the Fall semester of 2014-2015the Master of Arts in Islamic Studies offers a unique liberal and critical framework to study the religious, cultural, and textual traditions of Islam, which uses contemporary academic scholarship and methods.  Students will receive training in the languages, histories, and cultures of Islamic civilizations, while also developing critical insights into the political, intellectual, literary and social history of Islam up to the present

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