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Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Faculty Resources

 Academic and Faculty Forms
Find Forms for: request for make up of incomplete work and change of grade forms
Find forms for leave and travel, grant forms, and visiting scholar forms

Grading Policies
Rules and regulations for grading, attendance and withdrawal, request of change of grade

Online Petitions and Forms
Click to enter the Online Petition and Forms Systems

Room Reservation
List of available rooms and room reservation system

Course Syllabi

Syllabi should include essential information about university policies namely, information related to Academic Integrity, Unique Learning Needs of Students with Disabilities, and Non-Discrimination.

Syllabi should explain how student performances is assessed to reasonable detail including the extent to which grades will be based on norms (curved) or fixed criteria (non-curved).

At least 40% of the overall course assessment is expected to be issued by the instructor before the last day of withdrawal from classes.​

Syllabus Components

Sample Syllabus 1

Sample Syllabus 2





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