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Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

FAS Programs
The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) of AUB is the starting point of higher education. All students, regardless of the career they ultimately choose, gain an essential educational foundation through the courses provided by FAS. Understanding the various disciplines and courses available in FAS will help students make informed decisions needed to reach their envisioned career goals

Students interested in the Faculty of Arts and Science can learn more about the departments and  Undergraduate and Graduate programs within our Faculty.

University Preparatory Program (UPP)
Students interested in attending AUB can enroll in the University Preparatory Program (UPP). The Program strives to develop and improve the English language proficiency as well as the mathematics and science content competencies of its students’ academic literacy skills, study skills, critical thinking skills, and cultural understanding and appreciation. 

AUB Admissions
Find out more about  Admission Requirements and Procedures



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