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Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Nicolas Jabr Prize
Nicholas Jabr Prize 

A gift in the name of Nicholas Jabr to award a prize for scholarly achievement and academic excellence in the areas of Pure Science (primarily).  The prize is intended to support students who are pursuing non-professional areas of academic interest, especially those intending to go on for further studies in their respective fields.

List of students who won this award since 2004:

Abir Kamel Habbal (2008-2009)
Amani Assadallah Hariri (2008-2009)
Hagop Bedros Tossounian (2008-2009)
Wahbeh Hanna Qardaji (2007-2008)
Jessy Michel Haykal (2006-2007)
Zaher Jawdat Hani (2006-2007)
Leen Ali Alawieh (2005-2006)
Osama Mohamad (2004-2005)
Nadia Manasfi (2003-2004)
Rafif Hamam (2003-2004)
Rami Nammour (2003-2004)        


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