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Department of Mathematics at FAS, AUB
Graduate Courses


The graduate program in statistics is currently frozen. It is expected to be unfrozen in the near future.

  • STAT 331 Advanced Probability Theory 3.0; 3 cr.
    Characteristic functions, types of convergence, limiting properties of distribution and characteristic functions, limit theorems, and multivariate functions.
    Prerequisites: MATH 227, STAT 238, and MATH 303. Annually.
  • STAT 332 Advanced Mathematical Statistics 3.0; 3 cr.
    Distribution theory, decision theory, and advanced topics in estimation and inference.
    Prerequisites: STAT 235 and STAT 238. Annually.
  • STAT 333 Multivariate Analysis 3.0; 3 cr.
    Multivariate distributions, correlation coefficients, classification and discrimination, Hotelling's T2, tests of hypotheses for multivariate distributions, and canonical variables.
    Prerequisite: STAT 238. Annually.
  • STAT 334 Advanced Topics in Statistics 3.0; 3 cr.
  • STAT 335 Special Topics from Probability and Statistics 3.0; 3 cr.
    May be repeated for credit. Annually.
  • STAT 399 MA or MS Thesis 6 cr.
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