Department of Mathematics at FAS, AUB
Faculty and Staff 
  • Chairperson:

     Raji, Wissam
     Ph.D. 2006, Temple University
     Bliss Hall 317, ext: 4214/4210
     Research Interests: Automorphic forms


  • Associate Professors:



          • Visiting Assistant Professors:

            Aziziheris, Kamal
            Ph.D.2011, Kent State University
            Bliss Hall 320, ext: 4229
            Research Interests: Representation and Character Theory of finite groups

          • Lecturers:

            Fayyad, Dolly
            Bliss Hall 308, ext: 4230

            Yamani, Hassan
            Bliss Hall112, ext: 4279
            Research Interests: Mathematics education

            Kobeissi, Mohamed
            Ph.D. 2001, Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble
            Bliss Hall 308, ext: 4230
            Research Interests: Combinatorics, Graph Theory
          • Instructors:

            Fuleihan, Najwa
            Bliss Hall 113, ext: 4258

            Itani-Hatab, Maha
            Bliss Hall 113, ext: 4257

            Khachadourian, Zadour
            Bliss Hall 112, ext: 4278

          • Administrative Assistant:

            Akl Abou Zaki, Lina
            Administrative Assistant
            Bliss Hall 316, Ext: 4210/4211
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