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Department of Mathematics at FAS, AUB
Undergraduate Program


BA or BS in Statistics

In addition to the general requirements of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the department requires nine credits in courses numbered 200 or above from the natural sciences for the BS degree, and at least nine credits in courses numbered 200 or above in the arts (humanities or social sciences) for the BA degree. In both cases, it is recommended that at least six of these nine credits be in disciplines which use quantitative methods, and be chosen in conjunction with the student's faculty adviser. In addition, the departmental requirements are as follows:

In statistics: STAT 233, STAT 234, STAT 235, STAT 236, STAT 237 and STAT 238, and nine more credits from mathematics, statistics, and computer science courses numbered 212 or above, excluding STAT 230.

In mathematics: MATH 201, MATH 210, and MATH 219.

In computer science: CMPS 200.

Students planning to go for higher education in statistics are advised to take their electives in advanced mathematics courses such as MATH 223 and MATH 227. Other students are encouraged to choose among their electives MATH 251 and other computing-oriented courses.

It is to be noted that STAT 201, 210, and 230 are mainly service courses. STAT 201 is essentially equivalent to EDUC 227, and STAT 210 is essentially equivalent to ECON 213. Students can get credit for only one of STAT 201, STAT 210, STAT 230, EDUC 227, and ECON 213.

A minor in statistics requires 18 credits: MATH 201, MATH 210, and STAT 233, and nine more credits in statistics courses numbered 211 or above.

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