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Department of Philosophy
Dr. Patrick Lewtas

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Email: pl03[at]
Ext. 4109

PhD University of Michigan 2007, BA Harvard 1980

Areas of Specialization
Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of Science, Analytic Philosophy, Logic, Ethics 


  • 'The Impossibility of Emergent Conscious Causal Powers', forthcoming in Australasian Journal of Philosophy.
  • 'Building Minds: Solving the Combination Problem', forthcoming in Inquiry
  • 'Panpsychism, Emergentism and the Metaphysics of Causation' Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, No. 2, Vol. 97, 2016
  • 'Is Descartes' Theological Voluntarism Compatible with his Philosophy?' (coauthored with Glenn Hartz), forthcoming in Pisano, R., J. Agassi, D. Drozdova, eds., Hypotheses and Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Science – Homage to Alexandre Koyre 1964–2014, Dordrecht: Springer.
  • 'Russelian Panpsychism: Too Good to be True?' (2015) American Philosophical Quarterly 52/1: 57-71
  • 'When is a Concrete Property Basic?' (2014) Inquiry 57/5-6: 607-622
  • 'Descartes' Metaphysical Scepticism' (2014) (coauthored with Glenn Hartz) Revue roumaine de philosophie 58/1: 79-88
  • 'What New Wave Materialists Can't Say' (2014) The Philosophical Forum 45/2: 115-132
  • 'Physicalism and the Intrinsic Nature of Consciousness' (2014) Dialogue 53/2: 203-228
  • 'What it is like to be a Quark?' (2013) Journal of Consciousness Studies 20/9-10: 39-64
  • 'Emergence and Consciousness' (2013) Philosophy 88/4: 527–553
  • 'The Irrationality of Physicalism' (2013) Axiomathes 24/3: 313-341
Dr. Patrick Lewtas

Associate Professor of Philosophy
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