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Department of Philosophy
Dr. Yasmina Jraissati

Email: yasmina.jraissati[at]


PhD in Philosophy and cognitive sciences, 2009, Institut Jean Nicod, EHESS, ENS, CNRS, Paris, France 


2015: visiting Research fellow at the Center for the Study of the Senses, Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London, in the context of the Rethinking the Senses AHRC grant.

2011- 2014:  Lecturer in Philosophy, AUB

2010-2011: Visiting post-doctoral fellow at the Center for the Study of the Senses, Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London, with a Fyssen foundation post-doctoral research grant 

2007-2008: Teaching assistant, University of Fribourg, Switzerland


My research is motivated by the relationship between culture and cognition, and I specialize in color categorization at the interface of language and perception. More specifically, questions like ‘How do we form our color categories? Are they innate, determined by language use, or by other factors still? To what extent can it be said that color categories affect or perceptual experience of the world? What are color categories anyway?’ are at the heart of my work. I also focus on the conceptual and experimental tools put forward in cognitive psychology to answer these questions. More generally, I am interested in our perceptual modalities, and in the way we cognitively relate to the world. In this sense, my approach, although deeply involved with empirical sciences, is philosophical. 
More details available at:


  • Jraissati, Y. (Forthcoming). Reporting color sensations in grapheme-color synesthesia: Insights from color categorization. In O. Deroy (Ed.) Sensory blending : New Essays on Synesthesia. Oxford : OUP.
  • Jraissati, Y. Anticipated publication date: 2018. Color categories in context. In Asa Wikforss and Teresa Marques (Eds) Shifting Concepts. Oxford: OUP.
  • Jraissati. Guest editor. Anticipated publication date : 2018. « Sensory Categories », special issue of Review of Philosophy and Psychology.
  • Jraissati, Y., and Douven, I. Anticipated publication date: 2017. Does optimal partitioning account for universal color categorization? PLoS one
  • Douven, I., Wenmackers, S., Jraissati, Y., and Decock, L. 2016. Measuring graded membership: The case of color. Cognitive science. DOI: 10.1111/cogs.12359.
  • Jraissati, Y, Slobodenyuk, N., Kanso, A., Ghanem, L. & Imad Elhajj. 2015. Haptic and Tactile Adjectives Are Consistently Mapped onto Color Space. Multisensory Research 29: 253-278.
  • Slobodenyuk, N., Jraissati, Y., Kanso, A., Ghanem, L., & Elhajj, I. 2015. Cross-Modal Associations between Color and Haptics. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics77(4), 1379-1395.
  • Jraissati. 2014. Jraissati, Y. 2014. Why do we name 7 colors in the rainbow? Philosophy Compass, 9 (6), 382-391.
  • Jraissati. 2013. Catégorisation de la couleur: Entre l’universel et le particulier. Annales de la Fondation Fyssen, no.27. 
  • Jraissati. 2012. Proving universalism wrong does not prove relativism right: Considerations on the ongoing color categorization debate. Philosophical psychology 27 (3), 401-424. 
  • Jraissati. 2012. Categorical perception of color: assessing the role of language. Croatian journal of philosophy 36: 439-462. 
  • Jraissati, Y., Wakui, E., Decock, L. & Douven, I. 2012. Constraints on color category formation. International Studies in Philosophy of Science, 26(2), 171-206.
  • Jraissati. 2010. Basic color terms do not refer to basic colors. Rivista di Estetica 43 (1), 125-145. 
  • Claidière, N., Jraissati, Y. & Chevallier, C. 2008. A colour sorting task reveals the limits of the universalist/relativist dichotomy: colour categories can be both language specific and perceptual.Journal of Culture and Cognition 8: 211-233


  • PHIL 223 Introduction to Philosophy of Language
  • PHIL 256B Special Topics in Philosophy of Science: 'Language and thought: The Case of Color'
  • PSY 251 Introduction to Cognitive Science: Module on color perception and categorization
  • PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 102 Philosophical Classics: 'The Foundation of Knowledge'
Dr. Yasmina Jraissati

Lecturer in Philosophy
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