Department of Physics at FAS, AUB

Dr. Ghassan Antar

PhD in Physics: Ecole Polutechnique. France. 1996.

Our research activity is diverse allowing students to deal with a variety of problems in a variety of ways. The main topics of interest are:

- Plasma Physics: We are interested in non-linear phenomena occurring in magnetic fusion devices such as turbulence, edge localized modes, disruptions in tokamaks and their mitigation

- Fluid dynamics: We are interested in performing experiments to study turbulence and the role of spatial dimensionality using electrolytes and liquid metals

- Computational Physics: It is a growing effort to develop strong numerical computation about turbulence and to complement the experiment.

- Materials: We aim at studying the tungsten coating using Pulsed Laser Deposition and understand the thin layer behavior as subject to large heat pulses.

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