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Department of Political Studies and Public Administration
Other Research

Apart from working on the politics of sport I do research on climate protection policies. What most of my research in this area of interest has in common is that it aims to identify pioneering green policies and analyze their potential for regional and global diffusion. In my articles I ask the questions of why the countries are pioneering, how do the innovations work and whether (and under which conditions) the initiatives can spread.

Policy differences in the promotion of renewable energies in the EU member states, Energy Policy, 2004

Renewable energy policy in Germany: pioneering and exemplary regulations, Energy for Sustainable Development, 2004

Renewable energies in the EU-Accession States, Energy Policy, 2006

Sovereign wealth funds as a new instrument of climate protection policy? A case study of Norway as a pioneer of ethical guidelines for investment policy, Energy Policy, 2010

Renewable Energy Policies in the Gulf countries: A case study of the carbon-neutral ‘‘Masdar City’’ in Abu Dhabi, Energy Policy, 2010

Energy Policies of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries—possibilities and limitations of ecological modernization in rentier states, Energy Policy, 2010

In the Media

"Mit Bush über Klima zu reden ist sinnlos," (talking with Bush on climate is pointless) TAZ, 2007

"Petro Politics - Oel als Schmiermittel der Politik (Petro Politics - oil as lubricant of politics)",, 5 Sept 2013

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