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Department of Psychology
Psychology Colloquium


The Psychology Colloquium series provides local, regional and international researchers in the science of psychology an opportunity to present their recent empirical findings to the AUB community and the Lebanese community-at-large.

For more information please contact psychology colloquium coordinator Dr. Rim Saab -


19.03.2015: "Null hypothesis significance testing: Should there be a ban?" by Prathiba Natesan.

12.02.2015: "Optimal subjective representations? How your brain tailors your perception" by Mariam Chammat.

05.02.2015: "Out of sight but not out of mind: Non-visual impacts of light on human physiology and behavior by Raymond Najjar.


15.12.2014: "Nothing (Hierarchical) to see Here”: Social Dominance Orientation Motivates Diminished Perceptions of Power Differences Between Groups." by Nour Kteily.

14.10.2014: "The role of perceived risks in engagement in collective action in repressive contexts: Survey data from Egypt and Russia" by Arin Ayanian.



18.12.13: "Cultural Normativity in 27 Countries: Distributions and Correlations with Personality" by Philippe Bou Malham, Ph.D.

03.12.13: “Indigenous Personality Structure in the Levant: A quantitative and qualitative study of the personality lexicon” by Lina Daouk-Oyry, Ph.D. and Pia Zeinoun, Ph.D. 

28.11.13: “The early assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders and the availability of assessment tools in Lebanon” by Leyla Akouri-Dirani, Ph.D. 

14.03.13:  “Narrative Exposure Therapy, Post Traumatic Stress, and Post Traumatic Growth in a Sample of Iraqi refugees” by Alaa Hijazi, Ph.D.

07.03.13:  “Coping Inside’: The Prevalence of Anxiety & OCD among Incarcerated Young Offenders”  by Kate Ellis, Ph.D.



18.12.2012: “The Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in Mood Regulation” by Ziad Nahas, MD

04.12.2012: "Psychological colloquium: presentation “Impact of War, Religiosity, and Ideology on PTSD and Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents from Gaza Strip and South Lebanon” by Vivian Khamis, Ph.D

23.05.2012: “Prevalence and Predictors of Negative Eating Attitudes and Behavior in High School Students” by Lucy Tavitian, MA

09.05.2012: “Neurocognitive Impairment and Emotion Processing Bias in Adolescent Major Depressive Disorder” by Dr. Fadi Maalouf

11.01.2012: “Aloof and confident: power affects the deployment of attention and reactivity to feedback” by Riam Kanso, Msc.

04.01.2012: “What goes wrong in PTSD and how is it restored after EMDR” by Myriam Khoury, Ph.D



21.12.2011: “When Employees Use Feedback as a Political Strategy” by Rana Moukarzel, MS

12.01.2011: "Biculturalism and the Self: A Cultural Frame of Reference Model" by Maria Abou Abdallah, Ph.D. Candidate

26.04. 2010: "An Investigation of Lebanese Students’ Reactions, Cognitive Processing, and Potential Posttraumatic Growth following the 2006 War in Lebanon" by Mona Moussa, Ph.D.

27.04.2009: "Child Sexual Abuse in Lebanon: Assessing the Magnitude of the Problem and Identifying Its Predisposing Factors" by Jinan Usta, M.D.

30.03.2009: "Qaderoon Mental Health Promotion Program among Palestinian Children in Burj El-Barajneh Refugee Camp: Inception, Measurement, and Initial Findings" by Rima Afifi, Ph.D.

27.11.2008: "Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Behavioral Addictions" by Elias AbouJaoude, Ph.D.

22.02.2008: "Hippocampus Lesions in Rats: An Animal Model of Schizophrenia" by Hassen El-Amine, M.D.

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