Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies
Important Deadlines 
Application to the MA in Media Studies for Spring 2015 is due Nov 3, 2014.
Application to the MA in Media Studies for Fall 2015 is due Feb 10, 2015 (early admission) or April 1, 2015 (regular admission).
Transferring to the MCOM BA? Requirements for transferring are either MCOM 201 or MCOM 202.
Programs & Degrees 
MA in Media Studies
BA in Media & Communication
Diploma in Media Communication
Study Abroad Programs
Salzburg Academy: Spend 3 summer weeks in Austria, earn 6 MCOM credits, and study global media literacy with 75 international students from all over the world. Deadline for Summer 2014 is February 28.
Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB): Study digital media literacy in Beirut for two weeks and earn 3 graduate credits.  Deadline for Summer 2014 is April 15. 
Danish School of Journalism: Study digital journalism for a full semester at the top journalism school in Denmark and earn 15 MCOM credits. Deadline for Fall 2014 is April 1.
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News & Activities 
Media Brown Bag (Nov 26, 2014): Patrick McDonnell, LA Times correspondent in Beirut, talks about his craft and the challenges of covering trauma stories and others.
Media Brown Bag (Nov 19, 2014): Jimmy Ghazal, head of digital operations at Quantum, tackles the role of digital media in advertising.
Media Brown Bag (Nov 12, 2014): Eli Rezkalla, Editor in Chief & Creative Director at Plastik Magazine, talks about the future of magazine publishing.
Media Brown Bag (Nov 5, 2014): Karim Safieddine, CEO of, discusses the future of film distribution and VOD platforms.
Media Brown Bag (Oct 29, 2014): Lara Hajj, Programs Director at Quantum Communications, tackles project management in advertising.
Media Brown Bag (Oct 22, 2014): Delphine Eddé, publishing director & co-founder of Diwanee, tackles digital content for women in the Middle East.
Media Brown Bag (Oct 15, 2014): Danish School of Media and Journalism discusses internationalization of journalism education.
Media Brown Bag (Oct 8, 2014): Maurice Aaek, journalist,discusses media development projects in the Middle East and North Africa.
Media Brown Bag (Oct 1, 2014): Jackson Allers, music journalist, filmmaker, and broadcaster, discusses music related media production.
Media Brown Bag (Sep 24, 2014): Hatim El-Hibri, assistant professor of media studies, discusses career opportunities in academia and research.
Media Brown Bag (Sep 17, 2014): Mark Dfouni, CEO of Eastline Marketing, tackles the latest trends on digital marketing.
Media Brown Bag (Sep 10, 2014): Teemu Kinos, CEO of Sosho, discusses establishing digital media startups.
Media Brown Bag (Mar 26, 2014): Roy Haddad, WPP-MEA director and JWT-MEA chairman, ponders the future of advertising. 
Media Brown Bag (Mar 19, 2014): A panel discussion sponsored by Al-Monitor on news coverage of Syria war.
Media Brown Bag (Mar 3, 2014):
Jimmy Ghazal, head of digital operations at Quantum, tackles the role of digital media in advertising.
Media Brown Bag (Feb 26, 2014): Michael Randall, BBC Media Action project director, explores media development and free press.
Media Brown Bag (Feb 19, 2014): Gabriel Chamoun, producer/partner at The Talkies, discusses advert and film production in Lebanon.
Media Brown Bag (Feb 12, 2014): Jihad Murr, COO of MTV, tackles the state of Lebanese media and job opportunities for fresh graduates.
Media Brown Bag (Nov 19, 2013): Alexander Marquardt, ABC News foreign correspondent in Beirut, tackles the work of a Mideast correspondent.
Media Brown Bag (Oct 1, 2013):  Omar Sadek, managing director of JWT Beirut, discusses his career in advertising and what is involved in creating award winning campaigns.
Media Brown Bag (Sept 12, 2013):  Jamal Ghosn, Managing Editor of Al-Akhbar newspaper (English), discussed editorial decision making and verifying information in the digital age.
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