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Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies


Please note summer classes at the Salzburg Academy are no longer transferable AUB credits.


Burris, Greg (2015). Prometheus in Chicago: Film Portrayals of the Chaining and Gagging of Bobby Seale and the "Real-ization" of Resistance. CINEMA JOURNAL.

Farah, May, (2015). Palestinian refugees and mediated connections to Palestine. Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network. /index.php /netknow /article /view/371

El-Hibri, Hatim. (2014). The Cultural Logic of Visibility in the Arab Uprisings. International Journal of Communication
Dajani, Nabil. (2012). Technology Cannot a Revolution Make: Nas-book not Facebook. Arab Media and Society.

CPJ Logo.pngMedia Brown Bag ​(29th of March 2017): The Committee to Protect Journalists is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide​.​

Ben Hubbard.jpgMedia Brown Bag (22nd of March​ 2017): Ben Hubbard - Middle East correspondent for The New York Times. 

michelle & noel.jpgMedia Brown Bag​ ​(8th of March, 2017): Michelle and Noel ​Kesserwany- Capturing Audiences in Digital Age.​

marin asser 1.jpeg

Media ​Brown Bag ​(22nd of February, 2017): Mr. Martin Asser - Associate Vice President for ​​​Communications at AUB.

myphoto.jpgMedia ​Brown Bag (8th of February, 2017): ​Maya Ammar and Diana Moukalled- KAFA organization.


Media Brown Bag (30th of November, 2016): Rania Khalek - Journalist

Media Brown Bag (16th of November, 2016): Emile Atallah – Regional Managing Director for FP7 Lebanon & Iraq.
Media Brown Bag (9th of November, 2016): Layal Jebran- Social Entrepreneur.
Media Brown Bag (19th of October, 2016): Steven W. Thrasher-  From Saturday Night Live to the Guardian: Working With Words on TV, Radio and Online.
Film Screening (4th of October, 2016):  XMAS WITHOUT CHINA
Media Brown Bag (21st of September, 2016): ETYEN - Electronica Musician and Music Producer - Creating music to the digital domain.
Media Brown Bag (20th of April, 2016): Nadya Sbaiti - Founder Jadaliyya - Assistant Professor CAMES
Media Brown Bag (13th of April, 2016): Nicole Grove - Assistant Professor - University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa
Media Brown Bag (6th of April, 2016): Managing Director-TRACCS LEBANON
Media Brown Bag (23rd of March, 2016): Creative Director M&C Saatchi
Media Brown Bag (9th of March, 2016): Boz Temple-Morris - BBC Radio
Media Brown Bag (2nd of March, 2016): George Azar is a documentary filmmaker and photojournalist
Media Brown Bag (24th of February, 2016): David Barsamian - Investigative Journalist - "Getting Banned From India"
Media Brown Bag (17th of February, 2016): Social Media Exchange - Digital Media Rights
Media Brown Bag (10th of February, 2016): Rami Moughabghab - Business Development Manager - FOO
Media Brown Bag (3rd of February, 2016):"Marketing Manager at M media, an online VOD platform"

“The Naked Blogger of Cairo: Creative Insurgency in the Arab World” (January 11, 2016): Dr. Marwan M. Kraidy

A Talk with Dr. Bassem Youssef (December 3rd, 2015): Cardiac Surgeon/ Satirist/ Columnist
Media Brown Bag (25th of November, 2015): CEO and Managing Partner, Beirut-based Eastline Marketing
Media Brown Bag (November 16, 2015): Documentary Screening-Love and War on the Rooftop
Media Brown Bag (November 4, 2015): Michael Downey - Video Journalist BBC World
Media Brown Bag(October 28, 2015): Mr. Anthony Semaan Beirut Jam Sessions - Byblos Festival Marketing & Media Manager
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