Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies
Media Studies Undergraduate Programs 

The Media Studies program offers the following degrees and certificates:

      • BA in Media and Communication
      • Diploma in Media Communication
      • Minor in Communication  

BA in Media and Communication

The BA in Media and Communication offers a broad-based multidisciplinary liberal arts curriculum grounded in the social sciences that balances conceptual and professional courses, and emphasizes critical thinking, excellent writing, digital and media literacy, and innovation in the rapidly evolving media field and industry. 

The program aims to build well-rounded ethical and competent communicators, journalists, media professionals, policy experts, and managers with strong research, writing, critical thinking and professional skills and a solid theoretical foundation. Students are prepared to work in various media industries, including journalism, public relations, advertising, strategic communication, media research, political communication, and media activism.

The requirements for a BA in Media and Communication are 90 credits for students entering as sophomores, including 40 credits in the major. Requirements for the BA program are MCOM 201, 202, 203, 210, 211, 220, 221, an internship (MCOM 296), at least three Media Labs (MCOM 295A/B/C), and an additional 15 credits in elective MCOM courses.

In addition, students are required to take CMPS 207, SOAN 237, and ARAB 223 after they take their first Arabic General Education requirement. Students formally exempted from the Arabic Language Requirement are strongly advised to replace both Arabic courses with any two ‘Arabic as a foreign language’ courses.

To major in Media and Communication, students are first accepted provisionally until they have achieved an average of 70 or more in MCOM 201, 202 and 203, and an average of 70 or more in ENGL 203 and 204. To remain in the program, students must achieve an average of 70 or more in major courses by the end of their third semester in the major.
Transfer to Media and Communication from other departments within FAS is competitive and requires approval by the media studies program. Students will be considered for transfer to Media and Communication if they obtain an average grade of 70 or more in MCOM 201 or 202, and a grade of 70 or more in ENGL 203. If they have taken any additional MCOM courses, the average of all MCOM courses must be 70 or more. If they have taken ENGL 204, their average in ENGL 203 and 204 must be 70 or more.

In addition to the core media and communication areas, the program covers three cognate subareas: strategic and integrated communication (MCOM 230-233), digital media and news (240-242), and political communication and media activism (MCOM 250-252). Students are advised to complete at least three courses in one cognate subarea, depending on their career pursuits, but may opt to take courses from more than one subarea.

The university General Education requirements are: English Communication Skills (6cr), Arabic Communication Skills (3cr), Humanities (12cr) including 3 credits from CVSP sequence I courses and 3 credits from CVSP sequence II courses, Natural Sciences (6cr), Quantitative Thought (3cr), and Social Sciences (6cr) of which at least one social sciences course must be from outside the major.

Diploma in Media Communication

The diploma in media communication balances practical and theoretical courses and prepares students to pursue professional careers in various media industries, including journalism, public relations, advertising, political communication, and media activism.

Students may enroll in the diploma while pursuing any AUB major, and may complete the diploma during their undergraduate studies at AUB or after they complete their BA/BS, or partially before and partially after. Current AUB students apply through the Media Studies program directly by filling the Intention to fulfill the Diploma in Media Communication Application . Non-AUB students should apply through the Admission’s Office by submitting an "Application for Teaching Diploma/Special Diploma." Completion of a bachelor’s degree is a requirement for admission of non-AUB students.

Students qualify for the diploma in media communication upon completion of 21 MCOM credits (7 courses: 4 required and 3 electives) with a cumulative average of 70 or above in MCOM courses. The four required courses are: MCOM 201, MCOM 202, MCOM 203, and either MCOM 220 or MCOM 221. The three electives could by any other MCOM course. 

Minor in Communication

The Media Studies program at AUB offers a minor in communication. The requirements for the minor are MCOM 202, MCOM 203, and MCOM 220, plus any two electives from the rest of the MCOM course list. To receive the minor in communication, please download the "Minor in Communication" application from the FAS website and submit it to the FAS Dean's office (to Leila Knio) when you fulfill the courses.


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