Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies
Activities & Resources 

The Media Studies program organizes various scholarly and professional activities. Below is a list of some past, present, and future activities.


The Media Internship and Seminars Program
In the near future, media studies students will be able to earn 3 credits for participating in a structured internship and attending seminars lead by media professionals in the news, advertising, and political communication fields.


The Digital Brown Bag
Since Fall 2012, the Media Studies program has been hosting bi-weekly digital brown bag sessions that focus on digital literacy skills and aim to introduce our students and faculty to cutting edge digital skills used in communication, production, education, and research.


The AUSACE 2011 Conference
In Fall 2011, the Media Studies Program hosted the 16th annual international conference of the Arab-US Association of Communication Educators that was attended by over 250 local and international media scholars and professionals, including a superb list of keynote speakers. For details, see AUSACE 2011 Conference.



Library Resources for Media Studies Research
The following AUB library page contains valuable resources for media studie research:




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