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Sociology, Anthropology and Media Studies
MA Students


Current MA Students

Tanya Abu Gazaly

Tanya Abu Gazaly has BA in Sociology with a diploma in Media Studies. She is interested in visual culture and documentary filmmaking. Tanya aspires to pursue her doctoral studies.

Talal Chami

Talal has a BA in communication arts (LAU). He worked as a producer, director, media consultant, and media instructor. He plans to pursue a PhD in media.

Alissar Daher

Alissar has a BA in business (AUB). She is a graduate assistant and hopes to work as an advertising account manager. She also aspires to pursue doctoral studies.
Diala Daoud

Diala has a BA in public administration (AUB). She worked in banking and public relations. Diala plans to pursue a PhD in media studies.

Nayla El Mabsout

Nayla has a BA in filmmaking (ALBA). She worked as a video editor before joining AUB. Her research focuses on the intersection between propaganda, politics, and religious fundamentalism.
Zeina Ghanem

Zeina has a BA in graphic design (NDU) and a diploma in media studies (AUB). She worked as a graphic designer. Zeina wants to pursue a career in media and design.

Nada Homsi

Nada has a BFA in New Media. She worked at a start-up in Texas, and was a media coordinator at UNRWA. Currently she works as a freelance writer and plans to continue in journalism.​

Rodayna Jammoul

Rodayna has a BA in business administration (AUB), law (LU), and business law (LU). She has worked in banking and at the financial aid office at AUB. She hopes to focus on public relations.

Elsa-Maria Karam

Elsa has BA's in Sociology and Anthropology (University of Saint Joseph). She plans to pursue a career in sociology.

Dalia Najiya 

Dalia has a BA in public administration (AUB). She has worked at AUB. She plans to pursue a career in academia.​

Farah Al Saati

Farah holds a BS in Business and a BA in Journalism. She works at AUB and as a Digital Media trainer. Farah Plans to pursue her PhD in Media Studies.

Basma Tabaja

Basma has a BA in political studies (AUB). She worked as a TV news reporter and a communication officer. Basma is interested in political communication, specifically electoral communication campaigns.


Former MA Students

Marc Abizeid

Marc works as the editor of the online desk at The Daily Star newspaper in Beirut.

Ruwaida Abou Eid

Rowaida works as a presenter at Alaraby TV, a TV based in London. She is based in Beirut, where she presents a daily morning political press show called "Kushk Al Sahafa".

Maya Al Majzoub

Maya is working at TL as producer, researcher and writer, and is currently hosting a talk-show.

Ranine Al Mousawi

Ranine is working as a field officer in an NGO called Acted.

Rawan Annan

Rawan is the Senior Research Officer working on Lebanon and Syria for BBC Media Action, and a freelance copywriter and communication consultant. She is looking forward to pursuing a PhD in the near future.



Rand El Zein  
Rand was a mass communication intern at the United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR Beirut-Lebanon branch, working at the protection and community service units. She has also interned at the Salzburg Global Seminar in Salzburg, Austria, and is now applying to PhD programs.

 Maryam Ghaddar

Maryam is an Arts & Culture journalist at the Daily Star newspaper, but eventually would like to move to the United Kingdom and explore the field of publishing or video game critique. 

Rita Hage

Rita is pursing her doctorate in clinical psychology in the United States



Rasha Hamad

Rasha is in the process of obtaining her second Master's degree in Counseling Psychology and becoming a licensed practitioner. Following her MA, she plans on pursuing a PhD. Her goal is to have her own practice as a counseling psychologist.

Heather Jaber

Heather is currently the communications coordinator for the KIP Project on Gender and Sexuality, a multidisciplinary project that aims to support the production and dissemination of information related to gender and sexuality in Lebanon.

Rose Kfoury

Rose works at AUB as a digital communication officer in the Communications Office.

Haneen Khayri

Haneen is the program manager at Tamer Institute for community education. They design and implement a locally specific pedagogy in response to urgent needs with the Palestinian community. Haneen is also a freelance photographer based in Jerusalem.



Jena Nabut;

Jena is currently working as a Social Media Manager in Publicis Zoom Agency - Palestine.


Chafic Najem

Chafic is currently working as a project coordinator with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) at AUB. He is also applying to PhD programs.

Ramz Sahuri
Rula Sawaf

Rula is working for Harper's Bazaar Arabia magazine out of Dubai; her specialty is creative solutions and marketing programs for luxury clients. 

Christina Tkacik

Christina is working as a multimedia journalist for The Baltimore Sun in the US.

Our graduate students have diverse interests and various focuses but all share a passion for researching, teaching, and working in media.
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