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Itineraries of Urban Social Movements
MARCH 20-22
City Debates 2017 explores the emergence of urban-based political movements in various national contexts where “the city” and/or some of its ingredients (e.g. housing, public space, services, livelihoods) have been serving as the basis for new forms of claims. By documenting comparatively these movements through profiling the actors, strategies, tools, networks of solidarity, forms of lesson sharing, and the frames through which claims have been formulated, the Debates seek to investigate critically and comparatively these new forms of collective action. We ask: Are we indeed witnessing emancipatory political claims or, to the contrary, a reduction of the horizons of the political to the minimal necessities of everyday life? Furthermore, as professionals of the built environment, how do such movements affect our practice? How do they change the premises and assumptions of our profession? On what grounds should we engage such social movements and the spaces they create? What can we learn from their tactics and strategies?

City Debates 2017 is put together by a scientific committee coordinated by Mona Fawaz (Associate Professor, AUB/MUPP-MUD) and including in alphabetical order Hiba Bou Akar (Assistant Professor at Columbia University), Mona Harb (Professor, AUB/MUPP-MUD), Rana Hassan (Fellow at the Asfari Institute for Civil Society an Citizenship/AUB and PhD candidate at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), Marieke Krijnen (Post-doctoral fellow at the Beirut Orient Institute), and Dounia Salamé (Research coordinator at the Social Justice and the City, IFI/AUB).

City Debates 2017 is supported by the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at AUB, the Department of Architecture and Design at AUB, by The Center for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES) at AUB, The Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Abdulaziz Alsaud Center for the American Studies and Research (CASAR) at AUB, by The Social Justice and the City Program at The Issam Fares Institute for Policy Studies and International Affairs (IFI) at AUB, by the Ford Foundation, by the Institut Français du Proche Orient in Beirut, by the Orient Institute in Beirut, and by the International Journal or Urban and Regional Research.

City Debates 2017 is a joint event with the Social Justice and the City Program at IFI. It is a 40th anniversary event for the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.