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Electrical and Computer Engineering  - FEA
Master’s Thesis Guidelines

Thesis proposal
Thesis Defense Requirements and Deadlines

Thesis proposal

When following a graduate program leading to the master’s degree with the thesis option, the student is expected to meet with faculty members in the department to discuss with them possible thesis topics and arrange to have a thesis adviser. Normally, the thesis adviser is from among the full-time professorial faculty of the department.

The student is expected to select a research topic in consultation with the thesis adviser and prepare a thesis proposal by the end of the second regular semester. The proposal must clearly state the problem to be addressed and the proposed contributions.

The thesis proposal should state the thesis objectives, scope of work with relevant literature, research methodology, and expected results and must indicate if the proposed research involves human subject research or animal related research; and if so seek approval/confirmation or exemption of the Institutional Review Board and/or the Animal Care Committee.

The student must select a thesis committee consisting of at least three members from the professorial rank, chaired by the thesis adviser and including at least two other faculty members. The thesis committee is formed by the thesis adviser and the student in coordination with the chairperson of the department.

The student must submit the thesis proposal to the committee and receive their approval. The committee members shall evaluate the proposal through a review with the thesis adviser.

The student must submit the thesis proposal with a completed thesis proposal form to the chairperson of the department, signed by the thesis adviser and all members of the thesis committee, with the expected date of the comprehensive examination, expected date of thesis defense, and courses taken so far.

In cases where the thesis adviser is from another department, the chairperson will consult with the chairperson of the department to which the thesis adviser belongs. At least two members of the thesis committee must be members of the ECE department. The remaining member(s) can be from ECE, FEA, AUB, or from an institution other than AUB.

Once approved, the chairperson forwards the thesis proposal with the names of the thesis committee members to the Graduate Studies Committee for approval.

The Graduate Studies Committee will inform the chairperson of the proposal approval, and the chairperson will communicate the approval to the thesis adviser.

Thesis Defense Requirements and Deadlines

The student can take the thesis defense at least six months after approval of the thesis proposal.

For the deadlines of the thesis defense for students who wish to graduate in summer, fall, or spring please refer to the Graduate Council website:

Students must be registered for the thesis (EECE 799’s) in the term in which they expect to graduate in order to present their defense.

A final draft of the thesis must not be prepared by the student before it is discussed with each member of the thesis committee. The final draft of the thesis must be submitted to each member of the thesis committee at least two weeks before the date of the thesis defense.

The thesis defense will be open to the public and shall be announced at least two weeks in advance. The total time allocated for the defense should allow for answering all questions and will normally not exceed 90 minutes. The thesis defense session is normally chaired by the thesis adviser and shall be conducted according to the following procedure:

  • Introduction of the student defending the thesis by the thesis adviser.
  • Presentation of the work by the student in 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Questions first from members of the public, then the thesis committee, starting with general and clarification questions, followed by more specific, technical questions.
  • At the end of the thesis defense, the student and the public shall be requested to leave the room to allow the thesis committee to deliberate and reach a decision concerning the evaluation of the thesis.

“Pass” or “Fail” is reported for the combined thesis and thesis defense. If “Fail” is reported, the student may resubmit the thesis and defend it after a period of at least three months. Failure on the second attempt results in discontinuation from graduate work.

When a student registers for the thesis the first time, the thesis tuition is equivalent to seven graduate credits of tuition and is valid for a maximum of four thesis registration sessions. The three thesis registration sessions following the first registration session are for zero credits of tuition. For any subsequent thesis registration after the first four registration sessions, a thesis fee equivalent to three graduate credits will be applied.

The results of the comprehensive examination and thesis defense shall be reported on a special form (available in the department), signed by the chairperson and members of the thesis committee. This form shall be sent by the chairperson to the Registrar with a list of the graduate courses completed by the student, and the grades obtained in these courses.

The chairperson shall write to the dean recommending that the student be granted the master’s degree.

The student, after passing the thesis defense, must deposit one copy of the thesis, complete with abstract and signatures of the members of the thesis committee, at the Jafet Memorial Library. The receipt of this copy must be submitted by the student to the Office of the Registrar before the student is awarded the degree. The student should sign a release form indicating whether or not the library is authorized to supply copies of the thesis to other libraries or individuals. The non-authorization option is valid for a period of two years only, after which copies of the thesis will be supplied on request.

For deadlines of submitting the copy of the thesis to the library for students who wish to graduate in summer, fall, or spring please refer to the Graduate Council website:

The Thesis Manual, which provides instructions on the preparation of the thesis, is available at the Jafet Memorial Library.

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