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Dean's Office  Office Ext.  E-mail (  Office
Alan Shihadeh, Interim Dean 3400/1/2 as20 301A
Ayman Kayssi, Associate Dean 3400/1/6 ayman 302B
Mona Harb, Associate Dean 3655 mh22 301C
Maya Abou Zeid, Assistant Dean 3431 ma202 527
Khaled Joujou, Assistant to the Dean for Laboratories and Facilities 3561 kjoujou 509B-IOEC
Magguie Chammas, Assistant to the Dean 3440 mc52 302
Zeina Battikha Chamoun, Executive Assistant 3400/1/2 fea 301
Ghada Kamar Najm, Executive Officer 3408 gn00 301D
Alia Kazma, Students Services Manager 3409 ak12 305
George Jeha, Students Services Officer 3536 gj10 306
Sarah Jibbaoui, Financial Officer 3441 sj42 404
Ibrahim Khoury, FEA Consultant 3608 ifkhoury Annex-108
Suzanne Kobeisse, Director of Accreditation and Communications 3631 sk124 Annex-102
Edgard Touma, Senior Technician 3418 et05 302A
Saro Koulakezian, Senior Master 3415 saro 306.5-RGB
Meghri Hassakorsian, Executive Secretary 3400/1/2 mh234 301
Career Development Center      
Nadia Moufarrej, Consultant feacareer
Sara Halwani, Career Counselor 3453 sh141 2M1-Bechtel
Computer Laboratories      
Kamal Mikati, Supervisor 3420 feaclabs /km04 209-SRB
Aziz Natour, Senior Master 3421 an10 211-SRB
Raafat Hajj, Senior Master 3422 rh23 211-SRB
Engineering Shops      
Joseph Nassif, Supervisor 3650/3 jn05 101-SRB
George Jurdi, Assistant to Supervisor 3652 gj05 101-SRB
Joseph Zoulikian, Assistant to Supervisor 3651 jz04 116-SRB
Ramzi Safi, Machinist 3650 rs48 101-SRB
Joseph Khoury, Shop Master 3650 jk31 101-SRB
Engineering and Architecture Library      
Khaled Noubani, Engineering and Architecture Librarian 2630 kn07 Wing A
Library Assistants 2633   Wing A
FEA IT Unit      
Vassili Valerik, Manager 3557 vassiliv 304 RGB
Maher Itani, IT Team Lead, FEA 3492 mi19 306.3 RGB
Toufic Karout, Senior IT Field Support Engineer (Beeper # 1925) 3435 tk18 307.1 RGB
Saadallah Itani, IT Field Support Engineer 3435 sitani 307 RGB
Ali Kaafarani, IT Field Support Engineer 3563 ak102 509 IOEC
Records Office      
Nawal Abou Mosleh, Records Office Assistant 3413 na56 201
Supplies, Reproduction, and Buildings      
Samir Bassil, Maintenance Supervisor 3410 sb07 330
Elie Touma, Technician  3411 et01 203
Architecture and Design Department      
Sirene Salam, Administrative Assistant 3660/1 ard 201-ArD
Siwar Karaky, Secretary 3660/1 ard 201-ArD
Rabih Fawaz, Senior Master 3696 rf28 102B-ArD
Civil and Environmental Engineering Department      
Zakeya Deeb, Administrative Assistant 3460/1 cee 326
Environmental Engineering Research Center      
Joseph Daoud, Technician 3500 jd10 304-SRB
Hydraulics Lab      
Khaled Hallak (Beeper # 0076) 3506 kh04 209A-IOEC
Materials Testing Lab      
Abdel Rahman Sheikh, Supervisor 3466 as65 100
Bashir Asiala, Senior Technician 3466 ba18 100
Soil Mechanics Lab      
Helmi El Khatib, Manager 3469 he00 110-IOEC
Christiane Chedid Faddoul, Administrative Assistant 3462/8 ceelabs / cc04 110-IOEC
Jamil Bashir, Senior Technician 3468 jb07 110-IOEC
Dima Al Hassanieh, Lab Engineer 3463 da74 110a-IOEC
Yara Bittar, Lab Engineer yb117 209a-IOEC
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department      
Rabab Abi Shakra, Administrative Assistant 3520/3 ece/ece-advice 332
Electrical Engineering Lab      
Sara Khaddaj, Lab Manager 3567 sk56 423D-IOEC
Mihran Gurunian, Lab Manager 3452 mg11 423B-IOEC
Salam Abiad, Supervisor 3560 sa17 509A-IOEC
Fuad Shihab, Senior Master 3565 fs16 102-RGB
Mechanical Engineering Department      
Layla Al-Shaar, Administrative Assistant 3590/1  mefea, la62 320
Mechanical Engineering Labs      
Ghassan Deeb, ME Eng'g Lab Manager 3626 gd00 310B-IOEC
Hisham Ghalayini, Supervisor 3620 hg06 310A-IOEC
Dory Rouhana, Senior Master 3622 dr04 310C-IOEC
Roger Said, Assistant Supervior 3621 rs37 310D-IOEC
Industrial Engineering and Management Department      
Maya Kouzi, Administrative Assistant 3407 emfea 202-SRB
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department      
Souad Shaaban, Administrative Assistant 3403 chen 401-FS1
Chemical Engineering Labs
Rita Khalil, Lab Engineer 3456 rk95 309A-IOEC
Tala Bechara, Lab Engineer 3493 tb28 309-IOEC
General Rooms      
RCR (Ramiz Rizk Conference Room) 3430   316
Room 503 3445   503
Jassim Al-Qatami ELH (Engineering Lecture Hall)     344
Raymond Ghosn Conference Room 3448 4th flr
RCL (Research Computer Lab) 3419   318
Chemical Engineering Lab 3642 106-FS1
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