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Admission Requirements


  • Undergraduate Requirements

The Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture offers programs of study leading to the degree of :

The curriculum of the BArch degree extends over 14 terms (ten 16-week semesters and four 8-week summer terms), totaling 192 weeks. Although the program is completed in five calendar years, it is equivalent to a program of six academic years that does not include summers.
The curriculum of the BE degree and that of the BGD degree is each divided into 11 terms (eight 16-week semesters and three 8-week summer terms), totaling 152 weeks. This duration is equivalent to five academic years, without summers, but the program is completed in four calendar years.
The Faculty reserves the right to make such changes in the curriculum, course contents, and regulations as it may deem appropriate, and without prior notice.

1. Admission to First Year and Transfer Students

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  • Graduate Requirements

The Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering and Architecture offers graduate programs of study leading to the degree of Master of Engineering (ME), with majors in civil engineering; computer and communications engineering; environmental and water resources engineering; electrical engineering; and mechanical engineering. It also offers the degrees of Master of Engineering Management (MEM), Master of Urban Design (MUD), and Master of Urban Planning (MUP).

The requirements for the master’s degrees in the Faculty are those specified for the master’s degree in the section on Graduate Studies in the AUB catalogue, with the following interpretations and additions:

  • Fill an application and file with the admissions office
  • Provide grades & letter of recommendation


Early applications received by the Office of Admissions prior to the deadlines stated below (and indicated on the Application Form) are reviewed and the departments and the Graduate Studies Committee render decisions normally within six weeks. Potential students are given one month to decide on accepting admissions and assistantships or they may lose the latter.

l. Applications for admission to graduate study should be received by the following dates of every year for early consideration:
April 1 for summer or fall admissions.
November 1 for spring admission.

2. Applications received after the deadline of April 1 will be considered on a rolling basis, but not beyond July 31 for fall admission and May 31 for summer admission. Applications for spring admission will not be considered beyond November 1

3. Applications are considered complete upon receipt of at least two letters of recommendation from professors or supervisors of the applicants, and an official transcript covering at least the end of the first semester of the senior year or its equivalent.

4. All applications may include an application for graduate assistantships if desired. All applications for graduate assistantships received at a later date (rolling-basis) will be considered, pending availability.

5. Admission decisions of every year are to be announced along with grants of graduate assistantships by the following dates:
May 15 for summer or fall admissions,December 15 for spring admission.

PhD Requirements


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